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Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation

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What is the CJCUC?


Located in the land of the Book of Ruth, Efrat, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin has opened a special home for Christian groups- to learn the Jewish roots of Christianity and the advancements of Jewish-Christian relations: The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC).


Our team of scholar rabbis and educators are committed to working with you to develop learning sessions in Hebrew Bible study.


Our lectures and seminars are held in many languages, including: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


In addition we have a branch in Jerusalem, in the city center next to all the hotels.


Why add a CJCUC study experience to your Group itinerary?


Since 2008, tens of thousands of Christians, including several Travelujah tour groups, have visited the CJCUC center and have considered it a highlight of their visit to Israel. You can study a selection from the Tanack or hebrew bible, select a topic of your choice, enjoy a festive authentic holiday meal,wrist-watches or learn about the roots of Christianity in an atmosphere of fellowship and trust.



Contact info:

P.O.Box 1037
Efrat, Israel
Phone: 972-2-548-8466
Fax: 972-2-548-8455
E-mail: info@cjcuc.com


All Travelujah groups and site members receive an extra 10% discount on their group study sessions with the CJCUC.  Make sure to let them know you were referred by Travelujah.


*   *   *   *


For more information about planning a Hebrew bible study session with a CJCUC scholar, eithr at one of their facilities, at your hotel, or at a particular site in the land, please contact Travelujah.


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