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Catholic Journey for Returning Pilgrims

Travelujah / Explore / Catholic Journey for Returning Pilgrims

Ready for another unforgettable journey? This new tour combines some of most spiritual highlights of the Holy Land with  several very special experiences at several lesser seen but equally astounding sites, attractions. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about modern life in the Holy Land thru experiences with the numerous local cultures found in the Holy Land including the indigenous Christian community.

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This program is available for groups of10 or more. Appropriate daily masses will be pre-arranged for groups led by priests.


Itinerary- Catholic pilgrimage for Returning Visitors


Day 1 - Jericho


Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport where you will be met and taken to Jericho, one of the world's oldest cities.

Visit Tel Jericho, the site of the first victory of the Israelites in the Land of Canaan. (Joshua 6).

Proceed to Qarantal, the Mount of Temptation. It is here that Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days following His baptism and was tempted by Satan, as described in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Overnight in Jericho. (D)


Day 2 - Jordan Valley and Sea of Galilee

After breakfast visit the Place of Baptism (Qasr al Yehud) along the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John (Matthew 3:13-17).

Continue to Caliph Hisham's Palace, a fantastic blend of Romanesque and Arabic architecture and mosaics. The palace dates from the Omayyad Dynasty of the 7th and 8th centuries CE. An earthquake destroyed the palace before Hisham was able to live there.

Continue along the fertile Jordan Valley to Bet Shean, the best preserved Roman-Byzantine city in the Holy Land. It was an important ancient city on the caravan route from Damascus to Egypt and it is on the walls of Bet Shean that the Philistines hung King Saul's body (1 Samuel 31:10).

It is just a short ride to the Sea of Galilee, where you will have mass and take a boat ride where Jesus walked on the water (Matthew 14: 22-23).

Overnight at the Sea of Galilee. (B, D)


Day 3 - Sea of Galilee

Tel DanAfter

After breakfast return to the Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee where Jesus gave His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6). Visit Bethsaida, the birthplace of the Apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip. Jesus himself visited Bethsaida and performed several miracles there. (Mark 8:22-26; Luke 9:10).

Continue north along the Hula valley to the River Dan, the largest of the four sources of the River Jordan. Excavations at Tel Dan have yielded a reference to the House of David - the first extra biblical mention of King David. Enjoy river rafting down the historic Jordan River.

Kibbutz tour with members

Overnight at the Sea of Galilee. (B, D)


Day Four - Nazareth and the Coast to Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity

After breakfast, visit Nazareth and the Basilica of the Annunciation and view the Blessed Cave where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary (Luke 1: 26-37).

Continue a short distance to Zippori, the birthplace of Mary. View the archeological remains of a town that Jesus probably often visited.

Head towards the coast to the town of Acre and visit the colorful market in the old city, the Crusader Knight's halls and the Harbor.

Continue along the coast to Jaffa, where the Apostle Peter visited (Acts9:36-43). Enjoy the sites and sounds of the harbor and the Na Laga'at complex - comprised of the Nalaga'at Theater, home to the Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble; Café Kapish, with its deaf waiters and BlackOut, the pitch-black restaurant with its staff of blind waiters.

Overnight in Bethlehem. (B, D)


Day 5- The Dead Sea, the Judean Desert and Bethany

Dead SeaAfter breakfast, drive to the Inn of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 24-37) on the way to the Dead Sea. Refresh yourself by floating in the mineral-rich sea and applying the restorative mud at the Ein Feshka nature reserve.

Drive a short way into the Judean desert, home of the Patriarchs. Experience what life at the time of Abraham by lunching in Abraham's tent and riding a camel at Genesis Land (Eretz Bereshit).

Continue to the village of Bethany, rich in Christian tradition. Some biblical references to Bethany: Lazarus was raised from the dead (John 11); Jesus entered Jerusalem from here on Palm Sunday (Mark 11: 1; Luke 19:29); the ascension of Jesus to Heaven (Luke 24: 50)

Return to Bethlehem and visit the Palestinian Heritage Center, which has received many awards for its continuous efforts in the revival of Palestinian heritage and the promotion of Palestinian culture. Enjoy typical desert hospitality in a Bedouin tent.

Overnight in Bethlehem. (B, L)


Day 6- Bethlehem to Jerusalem

After breakfast visit the Church of the Nativity (Luke 2: 1-7), the birthplace of Jesus.

Continue to Herodion, a stronghold and palace built by Herod which affords a spectacular view of the Dead Sea, Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Having seen the Mount of Olives from a distance, drive to the top of the mount to visit the Chapel of Ascension (Luke 24: 50-53), the Church of the Pater Noster (Luke 11: 1-4) and have a wonderful panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Temple Mount. Walk down to the Church of Dominus Flevit (Luke 19: 41-44) and then proceed to the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus was arrested (Matthew 26: 36-58) to see the ancient olive trees and the Basilica of Agony.

9th StationDrive to the Lion's Gate and then walk the Via Dolorosa, first visiting the Church of St Anne and the Pool of Bethesda (John 5: 1-15). The visit ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of the crucifixion.

Continue through the winding streets of the Old City of Jerusalem to the exhibition of the Turin Shroud at the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame.

Overnight in Jerusalem. (B,D)


Day 7 Jerusalem Hills and Biblical Landscapes

After breakfast drive to Yad Vashem, the memorial for victims of the Holocaust.

Drive through the Jerusalem Hills to the Arab village of Abu Gosh, biblical Kiryat Ye'arim, from where King David brought the Holy Shrine back to Jerusalem. Enjoy a typical lunch in one of the excellent restaurants.

After lunch continue to Neot Kedumim, where you will be transported back to the sights and sounds of biblical times in this huge biblical landscape reserve.

On the way to the airport stop off at Emmaus (Latrun) (Luke 12: 39-44), where Jesus appeared after His death and resurrection.

Transfer to the airport. (B, L)

Pricing in Christian Guesthouses:


Option I -Christian Guesthouses


Intercontinental Jericho(5 star)


(1 night)


Mt. Beatitudes


(2 nights)




(2 nights)




(1 night)



 LAND PACKAGE Price Per Person in US Dollars in Doubles:

10 - 14 (Mini Bus): $1090.-

15 - 19: $990.-

20 - 24: $920.-

25 - 29: $870.-

30 - 34: $820.-

35 - 39: $770.-

40 - 44: $740.-

45 - 49: $705.-

Single supplement:210.-

Triple reduction: 15.-



Option II : Christian Guesthouses Upgraded


Based on:


Intercontinental Jericho (5 star)


(1 night)


Pilgerhaus (4 star)


(2 nights)




(2 nights)


Notre Dame (4 star)


(1 night)




LAND Package Price Per Person in US Dollars in Doubles:

10 - 14 (Mini Bus): $1200.-

15 - 19:  $1080

20 - 24: $1010

25 - 29: $960

30 - 34: $930

35 - 39: $895

40 - 44: $865

45 - 49: $835

Single supplement: 255.-

Triple reduction: 15.-


 Tour Includes:


Gratuity:  1 free in a double for every 20 Paying.


The above rates include:

-Accommodation on h/b basis in the above hotels or similar.

-Transfers and touring in a deluxe buses as per your program.

-Guiding fees of an English Speaking guide.

-Entrances fees to the sites mentioned in your itinerary.

-2 Lunches (on Day 5 & Day 7)


The above rates do not include:

-Entrance fees to sites not mentioned in the itinerary.


-Personal expenses and medical insurance.



  • The above rates are valid from October 1, 2010 till October 31, 2011.
  • The above rates do not apply on the following periods:
  • Jewish Feasts - Pessah April 19-26,2011 -Rosh HashaShana Sep.28-30,11 and Succoth Oct.13-21,2011
  • Prices quoted are for payments made in cash or by wire transfer. Payments made by credit card are subject to 3 % charge.
  • We are happy to make adjustments to the itinerary as may be desired. Price fluctuations may occur as a result.

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