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Many couples visiting Cana choose to renew their wedding vows in the Franciscan church, simultaneously commemorating the New Testament story of Jesus participating in a joyful wedding in the little Galilean town and performing "the first miracle". According to the story Jesus asked his disciples to fill up large jars with water after he was told that the wine was out, and then turned the water into wine. Inside the Franciscan church a large water jar like the one used in Jesus' time is on display, full of water from the local well. The well is the only one in the area and is another reason why today's Cana indeed is thought to be the Cana of the New Testament.






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The story of Jesus turning water into wine in Cana is well known to New Testament readers and today's Kfar Cana is most likely that place. The tradition for such is very strong and of ancient origin and resent archaeological excavations points in the same direction. Queen Helena built the first church here in the 4th Century, like so many other Holy Places in Israel, and thereby institutionalised the traditions of early Christianity. The present church at the site is Franciscan, is from the 17th Century and claims to occupy the spot where the wedding Jesus participated in took place. Excavations at the spot have revealed a synagogue from around the time of Jesus and strengthens the tradition of the site.



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The Franciscan church is closed on Sundays. Admission free.




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Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Tiberias







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