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Biblical Tamar Park (Tel Tamar)

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HIstory of Biblical Tamar Park in the Holy Land


Biblical Tamar Park, also known as Tel Tamar, is the only Jewish Biblical City south of Masada.  Archaeologists state that there was a Jewish presence in the city for over 1,000 years.


The development of this historic Park is shared with the Israel Antiquities Authority, Sapir Municipal Council, and Blossoming Rose, a USA based humanitarian organization.  The development and building of the Welcome Center, museum, and Library is in the planning progress.  Group learning experiences are conducted in the British building located in the center of the ancient excavated city.  Many tour groups stay at Tamar and the leaders focus on teaching their people about their religious heritage, dating to the time of Abraham, as taught in the Bible. Abraham and his children, Ishmael and Isaac lived near Tamar, in southern Israel and that history is shared with tour participants.

Biblical Tamar:  This 55 acre Park, that surrounds tel Tamar, is a change of pace for tourists.  It is a retreat like setting with dining and study facilities to accommodate 52 people. Most of the hosts want to go there for at least one of the following reasons: archaeology, historic studies, desert treks, hands-on work experiences, fellowship, and/prayer.  This is a great place to stay for groups that want an overnight in the desert to just enjoy a rest and relaxation break from a fast-paced tour.  The Park is located about half way from Jerusalem to Eilot and makes a good, and economical place to stay overnight.

Travelujah Tips:

Great location in the Arava, within sight of HWY 90.

Excellent venue for groups that wish to learn about archaeology and a wonderful retreat location.

Bus and car accessible (paved road) and great overnight rates with full or half board available.  All rooms air conditioned with modern kitchen and dining room.  WIFI is free to overnight guests.  The Conference Center has 26 rooms and 52 beds available, both private and semi-private.  The Center is open twelve months a year.

Contact:   www.blossomingrose.org. 

Israel:  Park Manager:  052-426-0266 or 052-426-0265.

USA:   dcoxon@blossomingrose.org, 1-800-317-7673


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