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Beit Shean

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Highlights of Beit Shean


A must while visiting Beit Shean is to see the well kept and impressive archaeological remains of the Roman period. Its column lined streets, bathhouses and amphitheatre are still stunning, and the visitor gets an idea of the importance of the city in ancient times. The sites are a part of the National Park of Beit Shean and have very good facilities.




Background Information on Beit Shean


The town of Beit Shean has a very long, unusually rich and sometimes violent history of several reasons. Among others, due to its location at a crossroads for trade and travel going both north-south and east-west. The many archaeological excavations in the city have revealed 18 different cities from various time periods, layered on top of each other. Beit Shean was where King Saul's body was hanged on the city walls after his defeat at Mt.Gilboa, and is mentioned in the Book of Joshua too. Other texts mentions it as far back as the 14. Century BC and it has clearly been inhabited since the 3. Millennium BC. Its peak was during the Hellenistic and Roman periods when it was a large and well planned city with great wealth, which remains are still standing and in good condition for the visitor to enjoy.



Travelujah Tips


Guided tours available in several languages for groups. Please call +972 6 658 1913 for arrangements.


Nearby Places of Interest


Mt. Gilboa, Jordan Valley, Sea of Galilee, Gan HaShlosha (Sakhne)



Hours of Operation


Apr.-Sept: Sun.-Thur. -8.00-20.00, Fri.-Sat. 08.00-17.00. Oct.-Mar. 08.00-16.00
Adults: 23 Nis, Children: 12 Nis.



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Beit Shean

Park of Beit Shean

Beit Shean Archaeological Remains


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