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Highlights of Bar'am


The beautiful park surrounding Bar'am synagogue and church invites the visitor to stay and enjoy the lush, green surroundings with the Bar'am Oak Forrest near by. There are picnic tables ready for use and the area is well kept and easily accessible. The roof of the church is always open for visitors and has a splendid view of the surrounding area. 



Background of Bar'am


The national park where the ancient village of Bar'am once was is today situated at Kibbutz Bar'am, a very short distance from the Lebanese border. The very well kept 3. Century synagogue is the main attraction of this peaceful site, in addition to the still functioning Maronite church. The Christian Maronites built the settlement of Biram in the 19. Century and made sure the synagogue was left intact, until their evacuation in 1948. Thanks to this, the unusual architecture of the synagogue with its massive gates, can still be enjoyed. Another feature of Bar'am is that Queen Esther is said to be buried there, according to Jewish tradition. 



Travelujah Tips


Wheelchair accessible.



Nearby Places of Interest


Jish, Safed, Peki'in


Hours of Operation


Apr.-Sept. 8.00-17.00 Oct.-Mar. 8.00-16.00

Cost: 12 shekels per person



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