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Banias - Caesarea Philippi

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Highlights of Caesarea Philippi


Banias is one of the best places in Israel to hike and the shade of the rich vegetation protects the visitor from the sun and makes its trails a pleasure to use all year around. There are several trails of varying length suitable for both families and the more sporty visitor, in addition to rich archaeological remnants from various time periods. The waterfall and rivers have a welcome cooling effect on even the hottest summer day and gives new meaning to the metaphoric use of  "spring" and "living water" (running water, in Hebrew) in the Bible.



Background Information on Caesarea Philipi


Banias is an exiting blend of history, lush nature and is a direct connection point to the life of Jesus. This is the place where he asked the apostle Peter who he believed him to be. Banias is a place where learned Jews gathered, where Herod, Romans, Druze and Greek pagans left their imprint, and all crowned by the highest waterfall in Israel. The water of Banias is the origin of the Jordan river, so vital to life in this mostly dry country, and what was once a bustling inhabited area is today dominated by greenery and peaceful nature.



Travelujah Tips on Caesarea Philippi


Open every day. Admission fees. Good facilities for visitors. Not wheelchair accessible.



Nearby Places of interest


The Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, Tel Dan, Horshat Tal




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