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Bahai headquarters

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Highlights of Bahai International Headquarters


The beautiful headquarters of the Bahai faith is situated on the western slopes of the Carmel mountain, with its newly renovated gardens cascading down the hillside it has become the main attraction of Haifa. One of the basic teachings of Bahai is respect for other religions and the multi religious Haifa has traditionally been a local example of the same, in line with the reverence by several faiths for the Carmel Mountain on which it is situated. These striking headquarters are a highlight on a visit to Haifa for visitors of any religious background simply for the sake of the beauty of its gardens and unusual building architecture.



Background information on Bahai International Headquarters


The Bahai faith was founded in 19. Century Persia as an offshoot of Shi'a Islam but has become a religion with international appeal. Its basic tenet is the unity of mankind and God and as a result it has incorporated all religions as valid and it reveres Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and others as prophets and as stepping stones to Bahai but it still maintains strict monotheism. Its Haifa headquarters includes the grave of its founder the Tomb of the Bab and the Universal House of Justice, which is not open to visitors.


Travelujah Tips


No entrance fee. Wheelchair accessible. Open seven days a week.


Nearby Places of Interest


Mount Carmel, Stella Maris, Daliat al-Karmel


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Bahai, Shrin and Gardern


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