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The Most Exciting Hands-On Activity in Israel


Archaeological Seminars, directed by Ian Stern, was founded in 1981 as a private educational, tourist center. They have welcomed visitors and students from Israel and from around the world to their excavations in Beit Guvrin and their daily walking tours in the Old City.


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They invite you to join their excavations to experience first hand a rare opportunity allowing you to touch your roots.  


Dig for a Day


A unique program designed for visitors of all ages. Over the years they have worked with families, amateur and professional archaeology buffs of all ages, Bar and Bat Mitzvah groups, Elderhostel, and youth groups coming through Birthright and the world youth movements.


The excavation seminar includes the history and development of the site, with on-site demonstrations of excavation methodology and tools. The dig program runs for three hours, interspersed with periods of sifting and pottery examination. The activity includes digging, and an exciting crawl through unexcavated cave systems.


Archaeological Seminars is currently excavating at Tel Maresha, in the area of Beit Guvrin, ancestral home of King Herod.  You will be digging in several of the thousands of caves located in the Maresha area. Vast underground labyrinths of man-made rooms are being cleared and give evidence of underground industrial complexes dating from the Second Temple or Hellenistic period.  Remains of olive oil production, columbarium, weaving installations, water cisterns and baths confirm a high level of material culture. This site offers a wealth of discoveries and practical experience for those who want to "dig".


Over the last two decades, tens of thousands of people have participated in this extraordinary Dig for a Day program and have found it to be the most exceptional interactive experience in Israel.

We can organize Dig for a Day for you or your group. For further information please contact us.


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