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Highlights of Apollonia


The tel (mound) of Apollonia is situated on the shore of the Mediterranean, on top of the cliffs. Despite continuous excavations, it is today a national park with a model of the crusader fortress. Its marked paths gives the visitor the opportunity to not only see the historic site, but also enjoy the stunning, panoramic view of the ocean below.




Background Information of Apollonia


The Crusader fortress of Apolonia is situated on top of a cliff on the shore of the Mediterranean, close to today's Herzeliya. The site was inhabited already during the 6. Century BC, but ended with the end of the Crusaders in the 13. Century. Recent excavations revealed Apolonia to be a fortified city with heavy walls for a long period, and with an economy based on the production of the then very precious purple colour, glass and olives. During Apolonia's very long history the city was ruled by Persians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, each with their own cultures and uniqueness.



Nearby Places of Interest


Caesarea, Tel Aviv



Hours of Operations


Sun.-Thu. 08.00-17.00
Free of charge


Apollonia and Archaeology


Apollonia Arsuf Archaeology (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 
Tel Aviv University Archaeological projects
Biblical Archaeology Review on Apollonia


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