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Al Mutran

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Al-Mutran Guest House is a 200 year-old Arab mansion turned guest house that offers private rooms in a unique old world atmosphere. The Guest House was the mansion of the Kattouf family, famous for their quality best replica watches jewelry and handmade gold, gemstone and diamond products. The wealth that their craftsmanship brought them allowed them to build a beautiful mansion, with stunning tiled floors, balconies overlooking the city, and elegant architecture. Today, it is remodeled and equipped with everything from modern luxuries like WiFi and A/C, to antique furniture.





"Mutran" is the Arabic word for bishop, and the guest house has this name because it is situated next to a mansion historically used by the bishop in the historically Christian city of Nazareth.

Nazareth, the town where Jesus grew up, is today an enchanting city. The narrow paved streets of the old city will engulf you with the smells of the spices, colors of exotic fruits and foods, and sounds of the Muezzin and church bells. In addition to churches, the markets, and the landmarks, it is the hospitality of the people of Nazareth makes a stay in this incredible city truly unforgettable.




Located in the heart of the Souq (market) Quarter of the old city, Al-Mutran is just minutes from the vegetable market, excellent restaurants and coffee shops, as well as the breathtaking Basilica of the Annunciation. It is also centrally located in the region of northern Israel known as the Galilee, and is an ideal base from which to make day trips to cities like Safed, Tiberias, and Akko. At Al-Mutran, you are never far from your destination.



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Unlike its sister establishment, the Fauzi Azar inn, which is intended for short-term travelers staying a night or two, Al-Mutran is ideal for small groups, families and couples looking to stay for a couple of nights in this historic and cosmopolitan city. Everyone from adventurous travelers who want to get out and explore to people who want to get away and relax will find their needs met here.


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