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I just participated on the Arava/Hazon Israel Bike ride that lasted for one week.  We started our ride from  outside of Jerusalem in, Neve Shalom, and headed south through the Negev desert down to Eilat in the south of the country on the Red Sea.  The week long adventure was life changing for many reasons.


The ride was an outstanding experience for many reasons.  First, the group of riders that participated (31 out of 81 were repeaters) were bright professionals, so warm and nice, committed, fun, supportive, encouraging and very humorous.  Never before have I met a group of people that do something together for an extended amount of time and don't complain.  The age span was from 13 to70 years old.  There were 4 Israelis and 77 Americans from all over the United States.  There were couples, siblings, parent/child, friends and lots of individuals. The ability level of the riders varied greatly. The group was one aspect that made the trip so very special and inspiring.


Secondly, there were about 25 people that took care of the planning, logistics, and work required to get done throughout the trip so that the riders could have a first class, fully  supported bike trip.  Those 25 people worked for an entire year on every

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