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14 May, 201014 May, 2010 1 comments traveling traveling

I remember when I first began to understand things of the Lord.


I was a Freshman in college and just moved from a small East Texas town to a city called Lakeland in central Florida (who's ever heard of Lakeland, right?- It's in between Tampa and Orlando) Who knows how I ended up there, but God slowing and consistently stayed faithful to his promise that by the renewing of my mind, he would reveal his perfect plan for my life.[Rom 12:2]


The pastor of the church I ended up at is called Without Walls Central, and Pastor Scott Thomas- the senior pastor, has a great way of pulling the Old Testament truths out of The Bible and showing there relevance in our society and culture, as well as that of the New Testament. At first when I witnessed this and really began to look into it on my own I was mesmerized at the revelation that God had waiting for me.... and for you as well :)! The importance is opening the Bible for yourself and really getting into the word, there will be things that are shown in the word that do not just come through reading, but when you put the word into it's original context, it comes alive in a way you've never experienced! I couldn't help but fall in love with this concept: quickly my book shelves became lined with books on the state of Israel

8 January, 20108 January, 2010 0 comments traveling traveling

Monday, August 10, 2009

balcony in the big-J

This moment seems surreal. Sitting on a balcony with 5 other students... in Jerusalem. All of us are different majors, different states, different cultures. Sitting together, checking emails and singing along with Tommy while he practices worship on his guitar. His voice is amazing, and he has such a heart of worship. I have no doubt that one day, Scott Mason will be shaping up our government. Hunter has a funny sarcasm, but a really great energy and loyal spirit. Adam is consistent, doesn't say much, but when he does it's significant, and Rachael is the mother of the group. She is always making sure everyone is taken care of :-) and me- I'm just here, soaking it all it. Trying to create a visual memory of a life moment that will be looked back on with nothing but smiles!

Today was full of touring, but most places that I've already been to. Last night we went out to Benyahuda St. for a bit. I felt like i was back with Eagles Wings, missing my '08 crew! But it was fun, we shopped around for a bit and had yummy ice cream. We have been in Israel for 2 days now, visiting Hezekiah's tunnels in the city of David, prayed at the Western Wall, learned about the temple mount, and today lots of churches. Honestly, visiting a

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