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9 September, 20099 September, 2009 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Just to let you know if you only have a day and a half in Jerusalem it can be done! It was marathon but we pretty much got to see the high lights. Western wall, Archaeological park, Dome of the Rock Temple Mount area, Church of the Holy Seplichre, all the gates and walked the Via Dolorosa, shopping, David's tomb, place of the last super, Golgtha and the Garden Tomb. I really enjoyed the Garden Tomb and the Archaeological park. I wish we had time to see the Citadel, Pool of Silwan and Hezekiah's tunnel, Absalom's Pillar the tombs. It was a magnificent sight looking at the Mt. of Olives and all the graves.

At the various places if there was someone offering a quick tour and information we took advantage of this. It was helpful for further learning. I found this particularly helpful in the Archaeological park and the Temple Mount areas.

If we get to return one day I would love to spend time in West Jerusalem. I wish we could have seen Rachel's tomb, Hebron and Herodium. Rachel's tomb was not open to the public and we were told Hebron was unsafe.

Upon leaving Jerusalem we headed to Bethleham. Once again we were a little nervous heading beyond the wall, but all was good and no problems. It was unbelievably crowded at the Church of the Nativ

9 September, 20099 September, 2009 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

If any one is intereste in the particulars of our trip here they are:

We started off south renting a car and 1st stop was Masada. We took the cable car to the top and my husband and daughter walked down, myself and our daughters friend took the cable car back down. It was sooooo hot! That was one thing we learned real fast about traveling in Israel in the summer--plan to spend $ on water!

We enjoyed taking the stairs down to the lower terrace and thought it was a beautiful view. It was neat to see all the remains of the Roman base camps surrounding Masada and the ramp that was built that eventually was used to seige Masada. The bath house was interesting too, amazing how advanced the technology was back then.

We then went to En Gedi National Park where Traveluja help get us a place to stay over night at the field school. We really enjoyed it. It was fun seeing the Ibex wander around freely and climbing on everything--including the cars! We got up early and went to the park, the Rock Hyrax were hanging out on all the rocks. We enjoyed the springs/waterfalls even though the water was cold, but even early in the morning it was hot so we thought it was refreshing. By 10:00 it was crowded and many groups had come t

27 August, 200927 August, 2009 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I have always wanted to visit Israel so when the opportunity presented itself for  my family to go we jumped at the opportunity.

We had tons of places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do but didn't have a contact so I just started researching and reading about the area. One day accidentally --(although is anything really an accident?) I stumbled across Travelujah. As I began to correspond with Elisa things began to fall into place. The lodging was one thing I was worried about and didn't know where to start. She was so helpful.

Even though you hear how small Israel is you are still not sure you can accomplish all that you want to do and see all that you want to do in the time given but she was also helpful in helping us decide if our plans were realistic.

We basically went from one end of Israel starting in Eilat and traveled all the way to the North in the Golan heights and back down to Jerusalem stopping along the way in six days. Yes, we felt like it was somewhat of a Marathon but totally worth it. We rented a car for the entire time and drove ourselves around and had no problems what so ever--OK except for the few times we got lost!

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