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6 March, 20136 March, 2013 1 comments Hebrew courses for tourists Hebrew courses for tourists

Beginner Hebrew course starts on April 8th in Raanana, Israel.

Accommodations are available for our students.

You can also take Hebrew lessons at your hotel.  We teach Hebrew in small groups.

We organize day trips with experienced tour guide.

Part of our class is going to the restaurant, post office, supermarket.  All in Hebrew!

Contact us for more information.

Frida Fisher, Director Ulpan Israeli

Tel: +97297967499

Cel:  +972506582868


visit our webpage at www.ulpanisraeli.com




3 January, 20133 January, 2013 0 comments Hebrew courses for tourists Hebrew courses for tourists

New way to experience Israel and learn Hebrew

Ulpan Israeli offers a different experience for travelers in Israel which combines travel, culture and Hebrew classes with comfortable accommodations.

Who we are

Ulpan Israeli is a private Ulpan catering to tourists visiting Israel.  The students are from all over the world and all ages.  The length of the course depends on the students.  The program is flexible so visitors can learn a few hours or a month or more.

Frida Fisher is the Director of Ulpan Israeli which she opened in 2010.  She was the Director of the well known Ulpan Akiva in Netanya for 13 years until it closed down.  Many of the students come back because of the great program they had experienced with Frida

Learn Hebrew

Courses are given in various levels of Hebrew, to small grops with individual attention to all.  Also offered are one on one private lessons. The teachers are all professional Israeli teachers with ma

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Learning Hebrew while visiting Israel as a tourist.


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