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May 31, 2009May 31, 2009  1 comments  Christian Guesthouses

Travelujah is announcing a special invitation to all users to send us your recent blog entry highlighting some aspect of your journey here as well as short video footage (less than 3 minutes) of a unique experience you had here in Israel and or the Palestinian territories, Jordan or Egypt.  There are many members of our social community as well as users worldwide who wish to enjoy your travels too. Not everyone is able to come and visit here but there are millions of people in the world who are keenly interested in the Holy Land and would like to learn more about this cradle of faith.


Travelujah is a unique social community for people interested in the Holy Land. We are different from other travel sites because we offer a place for people to connect to the Holy Land before and after their journeys. Travelujah is the premier destination site for Christians interested in learning more about the Land of the Bible. If you haven't yet joined Travelujah, please register to our site.  We will conduct a poll on the best blog and the best video and the winners will get front page billing as well as an annoucement in a special press release distributed to Christian and other mainstream media (online and offline) worldwide.

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