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January 12, 2010January 12, 2010  0 comments  Share on Travelujah

Tourism to Israel is on a strong upward increase as December recorded the highest ever number of tourists to the country. 225,000 visitors, representing an increase of 11% over the same period in 2008, arrived in Israel. Of these 194,000 spent at least one night in the country while 31,000 were day visitors.


Major policy changes are well underway that should spur more tourism growth. Over the next few months there will be a further removal of visa restrictions that have historically hindered israel's tourism potential  The elimination of visa requirements from several countries including the Ukraine can be expected to create additional deman for travel to israel.


2009 tourist arrivals to the country totaled 2.7 million tourists, a decrease of approximately 10% over the previous year.

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