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March 22, 2009March 22, 2009  0 comments  Peace

Founded in 2001, PeacePlayers International Middle East  uses the game of basketball to educate and unite Arab and Jewish children between the ages of 10-16 and they base their work on the simple yet powerful premise that "children who play together, can learn to live together."  The program has worked with over 2.400 children and uses basketball as a tool to unite youth in divided communities, to teach life lessons in sport and to develop leaders who will advocate peaceful coexistence with their friends and neighborhs. In addition to playing basketball on integrated teams, Arab and Jewish youth participate in dialogue, life skills sessions and leadership development. Christian and other organizations now have the opportunity to include an exciting peace-focued program as part of a tour to Israel and the Palestinian territories.


With a site visit to one of PPI - ME's programs, clients will come away with an intimate look into co-existence. Groups can visit teams in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Abu Gosh, and Jaffa. PPI - ME teams are comprised of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children playing together. Visitors can take part in joint practice or see PPI - ME's integrated teams compete in games and tournaments.    


Family groups can bring their children to practice with PPI-ME teams, allowing them to take part in these cross-cultural exchanges. Children can shoot hoops with their Arab and Jewish peers. Teen groups can participate in basketball clinics run by certified PPI-ME coaches and former American college basketball players and coaches. Visitors of all ages will enjoy seeing PPI - ME in action.  



To learn more about PeacePlayers International please visit www.peaceplayersintl.org


April 22, 2009April 22, 2009  0 comments  Peace

Come and see "The Invocation" a feature documentary dealing with the interrelationships between connectivity, faith, unity, human rights and peace education. The film is an invitation to elevate our school of thinking and change our code of acting and relating with one another. The Invocation showcases the lamplight of the human desire for peace and tranquility, proving that it burns all across the world, no matter what circumstance, ethnicity, faith or nationality.

The producers of the film traveled throughout the planet to interview the world’s most influential Human Rights activists, Peace Educators, Spiritual Leaders, Scientists, Historians, Politicians, Philosophers and Entertainers, including The Dalia Lama, Mark Wahlberg, Malcolm McDowell, Oliver Stone, Stewart Copeland, Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu, Karen Armstrong and the leaders of the faith communities that reside in the Middle East. Through a combination of very powerful visuals and inspiring music, The Invocation inspires us to go beyond our differences and embark on a quest through time and space, through the body and soul of all of the people on the planet. The Invocation demonstrates how fear, greed, triumphalism and intolerance are destroying the planet we all share and challenges us to ponder the relative nature of what we have been educated to know, what we think we know, and what's worth knowing at all. As a visual trip for the eyes as much as an emotional journey for the spirit, The Invocation explores the connection between various concepts of the Divine and sustainable peace while reminding us how movement, composition, light, color and music interspersed with inspiring words can be stunningly shaped to create a compelling tool for effective human rights work and peace education.

The movie is very relevant to the work of Human Rights, Peace and Interfaith Understanding, and will be shown at 16:00 on Friday April 24 in the main auditorium of the Tantur Institute for Ecumenical Studies in Gilo (http://tantur.org/). The movie is part of the IPCRI WORKSHOP FOR PEACE EDUCATION. see the entire program at http://www.ipcri.org/files/pewprogapril-09.html

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August 11, 2009August 11, 2009  1 comments  Peace

During the last two weeks of August the period of "Prayer for Peace" begins, where individual Christian communities gather together to pray for peace and reconciliation in the Holy Land. The services are held at 6:00 pm daily in Jerusalem, beginning August 15th and running through the 28th of the month. Each day the services are held within a different community in the city.

Daily at 6 p.m.

Saturday, August 15th Armenian Catholic Church Old City, Via Dolorosa

Sunday, August 16th St. George's Anglican Cathedral 20, Nablus Road

Monday, August 17th Dormition Abbey, Mount Zion

Tuesday, August 18th St. James Church, Nablus Road, Beit Hanina

Wednesday, August 19th Ecce Homo, Old City, Via Dolorosa

Thursday, August 20th Pater Noster Church, Mount of Olives

Friday, August 21st Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Old City, near Holy Sepulchre

Saturday, August 22nd Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Off Prophet Street, West Jerusalem

Sunday, August 23rd St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, near Railway Station

Monday, August 24th St. Mark's Church, Syrian Orthodox, Old City. Jaffa gate

Tuesday, August 25th Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Old City, Armenian Quarter

Wednesday, August 26th St. Anthony's Church, Coptic Orthodox, Old City, near Holy Sepulchre

Thursday. August 27th Tantur Ecumenical Centre, Road to Bethlehem.

Friday, August 28th Pro Cathedral, Latin Patriarchate, Jaffa Gate

September 13, 2012September 13, 2012  0 comments  Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI is the 265th Pope, who was elected in the papal conclave on 19th of April 2005. As Pope, he serves roles of the Sovereign of the Catholic Church and the Vatican City State. He is also considered as the successor of Saint Peter the Apostle.


Pope Benedict in Lebanon 2012


Pope’s apostolic journey to Lebanon, promoting peace and dialogue in the entire Middle East, is scheduled from 14 – 16 September 2012.


Official Poster promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012

(Official Poster promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012)


During his visit, Pope Benedict is planning to see many important people including Mr. President Michel Sulaiman and Prime Minister Najib Mikati of the Lebanese Republic. The Pope wishes will also see leaders of the Muslim communities along with many members of the government, institutions of the Republic, the diplomatic corps, religious leaders and representatives of the cultural world.


Benedict XVI is also planning to hold an evening event with Lebanese youth in Bkerke.  To see the exact plan of the papal apostolic journey to Lebanon 2012 check here.


To Promote Peace in the Middle East


Benedict XVI promotes common dialogue not only between the followers of different Christian denominations, but between Christians and followers of other religions. The idea of this visit is to bring all the people of the region together, no irregardless of their faith.


Bilboard on the streets of Lebanon promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012 

(Bilboard on the streets of Lebanon promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012)


The Pope articulated the following vision behind his trip, “My apostolic visit to Lebanon, and by extension to the Middle East as a whole, is placed under the sign of peace […]”


The entire article can be read here.


Bilboard on the streets of Lebanon promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012

(Bilboard on the streets of Lebanon promoting the Papal Visit to Lebanon 2012)


Watch the Papal Visit to Lebanon Live


Télé Lumière, the first Christian television in Lebanon and the Middle East, and its sister Noursat TV, the satelite channel broadcasting in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, North and Suth America, Canada and Australia, will broadcast a live transmission of the great Papal Journey to Lebanon 2012. The broadcast can be viewed online: http://noursat.tv/en/


Retrospections from the Papal journey to the Holy Land 2009


Pope Benedict XVI in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher - by EWTN

(Pope Benedict XVI in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher - by EWTN)


Pope Benedict XVI came with his message of hope, unity and peace to the Holy Land on 8-15 May 2009. That week-long journey, full of significant events, included four open-air masses: one in Amman, another in the Valley of Josaphat under the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, one at Mount Precipice outside Nazareth and the one on the Manger Square in Bethlehem. For the full coverage from thisevent check the website of EWTN – The Global Catholic Network.


Travelujah's bonus: Link to a video presenting visit of Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land in the millenium year 2000.



Beata Andonia works for the Bethlehem tourist bureau and blogs regularly about Bethlehem for Travelujah-Holy Land Tours. She is oryginally from Poland and moved to Bethlehem in 2010.


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