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March 3, 2009March 3, 2009  3 comments  Pope Benedict XVI Visit to the Holy Land

The Israel Ministry of Tourism officially announced the upcoming itinerary for Pope Benedict's trip to the Holy Land. The Papal delegation with is to include 40 representatives from the Vatican and approximately 70 representatives of th foreign media, will arrive on May 11th. The Pope will meet with the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barakat, local leaders, President Shimon Peres as well as the Council of Religious Community Leaders in Israel (the Chief Rabbis, the President of the Moslem Religious Court of Appeals, Christian religious leaders and the heads of the Druze Community). The Pope will also meet with leaders of the Palestinian Authority Mohammed Abbas during his visit to Bethlehem on May 13, 2009. The official itinerary is posted below: •


May 11, 2009 - Pope to arrive in Israel; official ceremony with President Shimon Peres and visit to Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Memorial of the Holocaust. Pope Bernedct XVI will also meet with the Council of Religious Commuity Leaders in Israel. In the evening there will be an Interfaith Dialogue meeting at Notre Dame Center.•


May 12th, 2009 - Visit to the Temple Mount and meeting with the Grand Mufti. He will also visit the Western Wall, Mt. Zion and the Cenacle (the Site of the Last Supper), Heichal Shlomo Synagogue (the Great Synagague) as well as a visit to Gethsemane Church. A mass will be held at the Kidron Valley. •


May 13th - Visit to Bethlehem and meeting with Palestinian Authority Leader Mohammed Abbas. A mass at Mangar Square, outside the Church of the Nativity, will be held. •



ay 14th - Visit to Nazareth and meeting with local leaders. A Holy Mass in Nazareth at the Mount of Precipace overlooking the Jezreel Valley will be held. A prayer at the Church of the Annunciation is also planned as well as a meeting with local religious leaders in the Galilee. •


May 15th - Meetings with local religious leaders at local Churches in Jerusalem. A farewell ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport will be held. Pope Benedict XVI will return to Rome on a special EL AL flight at the conclusion of the ceremony. If you wish to plan a tour following in the footsteps of this memorable Papal visit, please let us know. We have arranged special priced tours for groups of 15 people or more.

January 3, 2010January 3, 2010  0 comments  Bike


The most powerful stories of the Bible are those of journeys. Abraham finding Mt. Moriah, Moses crossing the desert and Jesus traveling to speak the word of God are just a few well known examples. In many cases, the journey is no less important than the destination itself, a concept that is slowly being forgotten in our day and age. Traveling by bike can take us back to those days where our personal journey was part of the pilgrimage. By biking in the Holy Land we better understand many of the geographical challenges that were part of biblical times. Cycling also allows us to be part of the land rather than to just see it passing by a window. For those who seek challenging courses, cycling around the Sea of Galilee is a fairly easy ride, yet it certainly provides an intimacy with the land and a spiritual connection. The pace of traveling by bike is the most important element, fast enough to get from place to place, yet slow enough to see and appreciate the land, meet the locals, smell the flowers and taste the locale cuisine.  Another aspect of cycling is city tours; you see the city in a whole new perspective that allows for personal connection.  Especially in a place like Jerusalem, even if you\'ve been there before, riding through the alleys and sidestreets will provide you with a an entirely new perspective of the city, its people, history, its geography, the architecture and day to day movement of life there.

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