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October 1, 2009October 1, 2009  1 comments  Events

About 8000 Christian friends of Israel from about 100 countries around the world are beginning to arrive in Israel this week to celebrate the annual Feast of Tabernacles, beginning October 2nd through 8th in Jerusalem. The annual event is organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and is  a week long program of seminars and teaching on Christian Zionism and is designed to strengthen the ties of Christians worldwide to Israel and the Jewish people. GodTV will be carrying the National Day of Prayer for Jerusalem, which is on Sunday, October 4rd live on its stations worldwide. In addition to the National Day of Prayer for Jeruslaem, there is a traditional Jerusalem March scheduled for October 6, the Night to Celebrate Israel on October 7th.


Feast participants are arriving from Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Austria, India, Italy, Nigeria, Brazil, Finland and Norway.  and more. Large groups of pilgrims will arrive from Brazil (more than 1000), Finland and Norway. In addition to visiting sites around the country, the participants will join in the traditional and colorful Jerusalem March on 6 October.


Christian tourism is a growing segment of the Israel tourism industry and is critical to the economy of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  The Israel Ministry of Tourism recognizes this and is now placing increased marketing dollars into this market segment and has even developed a special task force to focus on increasing tourism to Israel amongst Evangelical Christians. So far in 2009, approximately 1 million Christian tourists have come to Israel. In 2008 approximately 1.9 million Christian tourists visited the country.


ICEJ organizes several day tours for the thousands of Christian tourists who are expected to come for the Feast of Tabernacles. In total, the event is expected to spur 56,000 tourist nights in hotels around the country generating between $16-18 million in revenues for the country.


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