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October 10, 2011October 10, 2011  0 comments  Events

Clashes between the Coptic Christians and Egyptian security forces have claimed the lives of 24 people  and left 214 injured n what is the worst sectarian violence since the Egyptian uprising began last February.

The current unrest began after the partial demolishing of a church in the Aswan province last week. Coptic Christians took to the streets of central Cairo in protest. Christians comprise 10 percent of Egypt's population, estimated at roughly 80 million people.

Tensions between Christians and Muslims have increased since the uprising. But Muslim and Christian activists said the violence on Sunday was not due to sectarian differences but was directed at the army's handling of the protest.

A curfew is being imposed on the area. 

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March 11, 2013March 11, 2013  0 comments  Events

On March 21, the Ecumenical Society will be hosting part VI of their Lecture Series at the Salesian Institute in Jerusalem. The  lecture, to be given by Dr, Chrysi Kotsifou, is entitled "The Daily Trials and Tribulations of Ascetics in Late Antique Egypt". Dr Kotsifou is  a Polonsky Postdoctoral Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.



In Late Antique Egypt, monks and nuns often faced various troubles that infringed on their ascetic practices. Hagiographical and papyrological evidence demonstrate that a life of poverty and solitude was difficult to be achieved or maintained. The numerous people who joined the Egyptian monastic establishments inevitably brought into the daily life of these settlements their knowledge and expertise and were prepared, together with their ascetic practices, to continue with their former professions in order to keep their monasteries running. The monks' hard work combined with donations from pious persons resulted in a surplus of wealth in monasteries, which was used for their daily needs and the workings of their hospitality network. Contact with the outside world was also enhanced by the fact that an immense number of monastic establishments were situated close to each other, to surrounding cities or villages, transport routes, and the Nile.

Dr. Kotsifou will explore the strains and demands imposed on ascetics by the social and economic functions adopted by their institutions.




Thursday 21 March 2013 at 8.00 PM




The Salesian Theological Institute/Ratisbonne, Rh Shmuel Hanagid 26


The informal gathering begins with light refreshments from 7.30 PM and is open to the public.



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