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August 31, 2009August 31, 2009  0 comments  Peace

On Sunday, October 4th, tens of

millions of Christians worldwide will unite

for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, a day specifically set

aside by more than 1,200 global leaders (click here to view a partial list of



ures.aspx> ).


YOU can make your presence felt and pray for God's power and His peace to

flood the streets of Jerusalem by doing three simple things:


1. Make sure your local church is participating on October 4th.


The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is NOT a single location event

but rather a worldwide celebration day when LOCAL CHURCHES pray for Jerusalem

in their Sunday services, in accordance with Psalm 122:6. There will be a

Jerusalem Celebration on this day carried live on GOD TV around the world,

but the real thrust of the initiative is on the local church level. Please BE

SURE that your church is participating! To receive your FREE equipping packet

now, and to obtain helpful materials such as posters, prayer cards, videos,

flyers, and children's resources for your local church, go now to

www.daytopray.com <https://www.daytopray.com/Ministry-Resources.aspx> .


2. Please forward this link to as many people as you can.


The goal is to reach 100 million Christians within the next 30 days with this

timely message for the Body of Christ. Help us meet this goal for the Lord's

sake and for His advancing Kingdom! If you will simply take a moment right

now and forward this link on, especially to your pastor, close friends, and prayer

partners, we can literally sound a global trumpet to bring clear focus and

awareness to this urgent prayer effort. It really, really makes a difference

if you will take only five minutes and forward this e-mail.


3. Sign the "Call to Prayer Resolution".


Thousands of Christians from all over the world have signed this document,

calling for a day of global prayer for Jerusalem and all her inhabitants. Add

your voice to this growing number today. Click here to sign the "Call To

Prayer Resolution". <https://www.daytopray.com/Prayer-Resolution.aspx>


Finally, the Jerusalem Celebration of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of

Jerusalem will be carried live into 192 nations on GOD TV. If you are in

Israel at that time, please plan to join us for this celebration. If you

cannot be in Israel, GOD TV will be broadcasting this event internationally,

LIVE on October 4th (broadcast schedule will be available closer to the event

date). Also consider having your church link with the Jerusalem celebration

of the DPPJ by viewing the event on GOD TV! Go to www.god.tv

<http://www.god.tv/>  for more information.


We thank you for putting action to your prayers and for taking part in seeing

God's true peace for Jerusalem unfold in this hour of history!


May the Lord's shalom rest over each of you,


Rev. Robert Stearns

Co-Chairman, Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem


Dr. Jack Hayford

Co-Chairman, Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem


P.S. If you have not yet done so, please make sure to add your name to the

thousands of Christians around the world who have signed the "Call To Prayer

Resolution." Be sure to check out the free online resources as well as the

DPPJ materials available in more than 15 languages.

October 3, 2010October 3, 2010  0 comments  Events

Jerusalem, Israel  More than 400 Christians attended Sunday's International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem in the Israeli capital, and upwards of 300 million Christians had committed to participating from their home nations including tens of millions who watched it live on God TV.



Founded by Dr. Robert Stearns in 2002, the founder and executive director  of Eagles' Wings Ministries, a dynamic organization focused on building bridges of relationship and hope around the world, the Day of Prayer is a global grassroots prayer initiative that links the Christian liturgical calendar with the biblical, Jewish calendar.


Robert Stearns


Dr. Robert Stearns, welcoming Archbishop Joseph - Jules Zerey, the General Patriarchal Vicar of the Greek Milkite Catholic Patriarchate 



This year the event was held at the Haas Promenade overlooking Jerusalem's Old City. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, giving the keynote address, reinforced the importance of a united Jerusalem.


 "Jerusalem is special to three billion people of faith in the world. No other city in the world is a destination that fills our hearts like Jerusalem. My mission for the city is to return it to its role of 2000 to 3000 years ago and to welcome people from around the world, to explore our ancient past and build our modern future."


Nir Barkat


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat giving the keynote address


To do this Barkat insisted Jerusalem must be kept open to people of all faith to enjoy and to freely practice their religion and he was very proud to point out that during  Ramadan, which fell in the latter part of August/September 2010, there had been over 200,000 Muslims who had freely traveled to the city in order to visit the the Temple Mount to pray.


"As major I'm committed to maintaining that. This is not trivial," he emphasized, "Jerusalem must keep reunited, undivided and be the sovereign capital of Israel. It is the heart of the world. You can't divide the heart," he continued, "I read the Bible, and it is very clear who the capital of Jerusalem is for."  


According to the website set up for the event, the Day of Prayer has "quickly become the largest Israel-focused prayer event in history." More than 300,000 churches from 175 nations annually take part in the event.


Performers at the Day of Prayer


Ray Ramirez, Music Director and  International Christian Embassy Jerusalem performance group


The people and ministries behind the Day of Prayer note that while they "pray every day for Israel, we seek on this day to unite believers around the world in raising a cry to Heaven on behalf of this troubled, but strategic land and its people."



The Day of Prayer brought together a diverse group of Christians, Arabs and Jews and including  Rev. Tom Hess who gave the invocation, Dr. Bishop Naim Khoury from the Holy Land Baptist Mission,  Archbishop Joseph-Jules Zerey from the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate,  Rabbi Shlomo Riskin from the Center of Jewish Christian Understanding, and many others who all joined together with Christians in petitioning the Almighty on behalf of the holy city.


Rev. Tom Hess


 Rev. Tom Hess, founder Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations giving the invocation



By: Elisa Moed and Ryan Jones for Travelujah.

Travelujah is an Israel-based Christian social network focused on fostering a deeper connection with faith through Holy Land tours. You can plan, learn and share your holy land experience on Travelujah using our in-depth locational content, user and expert blogs that can take you off the beaten track, and individual or group tour booking services.

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