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September 15, 2013September 15, 2013  0 comments  Holy Sites

Restoration work on the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem  is  beginning this month  - the first major roof enhancement in over 500 years.  The roof renovation is expected to last 1 year and is intended to protect the artistic heritage of the roof from the risk of further water damage.


While the Church of Nativity is in good condition the Basilica roof needs to be completely restored. Rain leaks inside and the water and humidity are ruining the mosaics inside the Basilica of Nativity.


The initiative was launched three years by the Palestinian Authority and an agreement was signed between the Authority and representatives of the three churches that share the administration of the Basilica, the Armenian Catholics, the Greek Orthodox and the Catholic Church.

The Church is considered one of most important symbols of Christianity. In 2012, the Church of Nativity  became a protected UNESCO world heritage site.


 "The fact that the Pal Authority has made this commitment is a magnificent experession of common interest which unifies all believers in God beyond their differences." said the Custody of the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, "(the church) is a symbol lof peaceful coexistence between Moslems and Christians in the Holy Land.


Other areas in the Middle East, such as in Egypt, Christians are being persecuted, however, state the Custody, in the Holy Land we are seeing a different example of how these religions are coming together peacefully.


According to the Custos, the redevelopment agreement is a symbol of peaceful coexistence between Moslems and Christians in the Holy Land. "We are seeing Christians and Moslems getting together to restore a monument, even if it's a Christian monument" said the Custos.


2000 years ago, the Church of Nativity was only a cave and the earliest parts of the Church were built 1700 years ago.


The construction is not anticipated to cause any disturbance to pilgrims visiting the site. 

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