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October 12, 2009October 12, 2009  1 comments  attractions

It is traditional to eat sweet foods during the Jewish high holiday season. Certain items are very prevalent throughout the country and show up on almost everyone's feast table at some point - such as apples, honey, chocolate, honey cake, figs and other specialty items. As part of our celebration of the holiday season combined with the fact that all the schools are out for vacation for almost two weeks, we opted to take a couple days to travel to the north and enjoy the celebrations that were going on. While many venues were offering special festivities during the weekly succot holidays - all of these venues are opened year round, for the most part and are highly recommended for visitation by individuals, groups and families alike. If you are a foodie - even better - you'll love learning about the many products that are organically grown in this region. Below are a couple interesting places that we visited last week.


Bustan HaGolan - Located just off of Highway 98, this wonderful outdoor attraction lies on the easternmost border of the Golan Heights, overlooking Syria. The fields offer abundant peach and apples  - we picked huge granny smiths and star kings as well as massive white peaches which were likely the last of this season. Within this large farm grapes are being grown on the fertile fields. Numerous activities await families with small children that can enjoy spending an entire day at the property. For an entrance price of approximately $8, children can ride ponies, visit the petting zoo including the alpacas and llamas, make candy apples, eat apple pie and pick apples as well as play on the well maintained playground. Parents will also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that offers a stunning view overlooking Syria and the new city of Quneitra as well as the UN facility and hydro-power plant that provides electricity for the entire area. 04-6993612 


Ein Zivan - This quaint kibbutz settlement is situated approximately two kilometers south of Bustan HaGolan, off of highway 91, also in the eastern Golan Heights. The kibbutz is known for the famous private chocolate factory that was built on its grounds by a 3rd generation chocolatier from Argentina that made aliyah to Israel a few years ago. The factory is known as Pri Village and offers chocolate workshops for adults and kids that include a movie of the history of the Pri Village, a tour through the factory as well as a hands on workshop where participants learn to make their own handcrafted chocolates. A large chocolate shop featuring a variety of different products is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. The factory is kosher and closes early on Friday (at 3) and remains closed all of Saturday (sabbath). The factory offers special programs for school children from throughout the country (and, in fact, our daughter participated in a workshop on the chemistry of chocolate making). Because we arrived late we were unable to attend the workshop, however our tour included the 8 minute movie, a tour of the factory as well as a tasting (which was delicious). 04-699-3622



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