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7 July, 20157 July, 2015 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

Dr. Brad H. Young, a professor of Judaic Christian Studies in the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be leading the upcoming Israel  Sukkot Experience Tour, September 28 through October 4, 2015  in partnership with the Rabbi Riskin's Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation and Travelujah. The details of the tour can be found at this link.


Dr. Brad Young leading an Israel tour



Dr. Young is not only a renowned speaker and professor but he is also a popular author of Jesus the Jewish Theologian,  Meet the Rabbis and the Jewish Background to the Lord's Prayer among other works.&n

14 October, 201314 October, 2013 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

Pope Francis is expected to visit the Holy land in March 2014, and it is anticipated that his Argentinian Rabbi friend, Rabbi Abraham Skorka will join him on a joint pilgrimage devoted to reconcilliation.


Coincidentally, in a possibly  related event, Israel's Tourism Minister Dr. Uzi Landau, met today with His Beatitude Fouad Tual, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem to discuss enhanced cooperation regarding pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Pope Francis's upcoming visit will highlight the cooperative agenda more clearly.

The Year of Faith, which Pope Benedict XVI initiated in Rome on 11 October 2012 will be celebrated in Nazareth in a Eucharist ceremony at Mount Precipice on Sunday, 17 November, led by the Latin Patriarch. Pilgrims from Spain, Italy and a number of other countries are expected to attend.

The Tourism Minister expressed his hope that the meeting would herald the "beginning of enhanced and prolonged cooperation between the ministry and the Catholic Church. Pilgrimage serves as a bridge for peace, bringing together peoples and cultures from around the world."


The Latin Patriarch echoed the sentiments of the minister, speaking of a "spirit of authentic cooperation and strong communication. We share both a mutual interest in providing hospitality and services for pilgrims and the goal that these pilgrims will return home as new ambassadors for the Holy Land."

2 September, 20132 September, 2013 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a hub for many activities and exploratory trips. There is an array of options available for people of all interests, from the relaxed and luxurious to the downright ground level adventure trails. But if you've only got 48 hours in Jordan, then there are four cities and spots that are a must do.




As the country's capital city, Amman is probably going to be your first stop into the Kingdom. It is a great place to rummage through the culture's traditional and western aspects, indulge in delicious local food and walk the streets to get a ground level perspective. With endless options of hotels in Amman

23 June, 201323 June, 2013 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

On 16th of June 2013, in the bucolic setting of the Yezreel Valley College in northern Israel, the Galilee Center for Jewish-Christian Relations held a conference  to mark the first year of the passing of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. Cardinal Martini was well known for his enormous learning (he had two Ph.ds), his best selling books, and his liberal opinions within the church. He was for the ordination of women as deacons (just under priests), the use of contraception under certain circumstances, and homosexual marriages. He was the 'liberal' candidate for Pope, indeed he received a higher count than Cardinal Retzinger in the first round of voting, but had to withdraw on account of his physical condition - a rare form of Parkinson's which was to be with him till the end.


Bishop Marcuzzo
His Excellency Bishop Giacinto Boulos-Marcuzzo speaking at the conference


The reason for the conference in his memory being held in Israel was what made him even more unusual among his peers in the Catholic Church. This was his love of Israel and his insistence that Christians could not understand their own religion without a profound understanding of the Judaism from which it sprang.


Martini wrote that, "Christians who vis

8 August, 20128 August, 2012 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

When you are making your Holy Land travel plans, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance for a number of reasons that center around making sure your trip is safe and comfortable.

Israel is a western country with an advanced level of medical care, but it's likely that your health care coverage will not extend to cover your medical treatment in Israel. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase a travel insurance plan with travel medical coverage to cover costs related to medical emergencies, including illnesses and injuries.

3 June, 20123 June, 2012 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

You are coming on a Holy Land tour and really have your heart set on buying an ancient ossuary from the time of Herod or perhaps a 1st century coin from the time of Jesus. How do you know if it is real?


Long time Travelujah client, Al Newberry, from Pennsylvania is a Christian engineer with a penchant for biblical archaeology.  He travels to Israel a few times a year to consult for the one of Israel's leading companies.


On his most recent trip to Israel we arranged for a private tour with an archaeological scholar at the the Israel Museum. He had intended to focus on the sarcophogus of Herod, but his tour gave him a lot more insight into antiquities than he had ever anticipated. He wrote to  Travelujah about his experience:


"Regarding the (Israel) Museum, I simply can't believe how it has changed!!

As you know, the guide you arranged was Yoav Farhi, a PhD candidate who is a leading coin expert in Israel.

The good news/bad news is that I also met with Shai Bar-Tura, from the Israel Antiquities Authority. This is why:

At Caesarea, I had bought 3 items: a lamp from the days of Herod which both Yoav and Shai believe is 100% genuine, a lamp from the Crusader period and both believe it is genuine. Shai gave me documents to take the lamps out of the country.

The bad news is that I also bought a coin which t

17 April, 201217 April, 2012 0 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

Tourism to Israel has never been more popular.  Despite the Arab Spring, the uprising in Syria and  all the media speculation regarding a potential attack on Iran, people are continuing to travel to Israel on Holy Land Tours.

During the first three months of the year, 752,000 tourists came to Israel, representing an all time high for the first quarter. The first quarter figures were up 1% over the previous all time high for the same period, reached during the first quarter of 2010. Day tourists were up over 78%, to 41,000 visitors.  The large increase in day visitors is widely attributed to the turmoil in Egypt that occurred during the Spring of 2011 which at the time, prompted a  significant decline in day tourism.  Clearly, travel to Egypt is making a strong comeback so far in 2012, and this is good news for Israels tourism industry.


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4 April, 20124 April, 2012 1 comments Holy Land Pilgrimage Holy Land Pilgrimage

A native San Diegan, Diana calls herself a ‘cradle Catholic', and has always gravitated toward Catholic places. Over the years she increasingly found herself fascinated by Catholic art, architecture and history. After completing law school and even starting to practice professionally, she realized law simply wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. Deep into planning her own honeymoon, she struck up the idea of a travel show focusing on religious and historic sites and thus, "The Faithful Traveler" was born.


 Diana von Glahn the Faithful Traveler

Diana von Glahn, "The Faithful Traveler"


Diana von Glahn, produces and hosts "The Faithful Traveler", a travel show carried regularly on EWTN featuring Catholic shrines and places of pilgrimage all around the world. Recently, Diana made her first pilgrimage to the Holy Land and experienced the holy sites first hand. Travelujah asked her about her recent journey.


Travelujah: What were some highlights of your recent trip to the Holy Land?


Diana - "The Faithful Traveler" - Picking highlights from the most amazing trip ever is hard to do. But I'll try. The thing about going on pilgri

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