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10 March, 201510 March, 2015 0 comments Events Events

Tourist arrivals to Israel and the Palestinian Territories has declined significantly since the spring of 2014, nevertheless the Holy Land continues to be an extremely safe travel destinations with an abundance of fascinating historical and religious sites as well as offering diverse cultural experiences. With the holidays of Easter and Passover right around the corner, numerous festivities and experiences will be occurring and there is no better time than now to start planning what to do during the upcoming holidays. 


Below you'll find Travelujah's top 10 ideas for Passover and Easter experiences you can only have on a Holy land tour.


1. Join the Palm Sunday and/or Good Friday Processions

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16 December, 201416 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Planning a Christmas visit to the Holy Land and wondering what special Christmas festivities are taking place? Travelujah has compiled our guide of ‘to do'  special Christmas activities taking place in the city where it all began, Bethlehem.



December 19  - Jadayeel Group France, Bethlehem and Sweden at Dar Ad Nadwa

16 December, 201416 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events
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7 December, 20147 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Advent is derived from the Latin word "advenio" meaning ‘ coming to' and refers to the fact that Jesus Christ is on his way to this world.


The actual term "Advent" was introduced as the name of  the first season in the church calendar in the 7th Century A.D. and begins four Sundays before Christmas. Advent is important for Christians because it serves as a preparation period leading up to the birth of Christ which took place in Bethlehem as well as a reminder that they are anxiously looking forward to the return of Jesus one day. Should you take a Holy Land tour during the Advent or Christmas period, visiting the ancient city of Bethlehem is definitely a must during this holy time.


25 August, 201425 August, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Jerusalem Season of Culture will soon be showcasing the The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival,   four days of exceptional world class music taking place at some of the most amazing cultural and historical venues throughout the city. The festival, now in its  year, brings together diverse artists from around the world who ascend to the world's holiest city to present and explore their own brand of ‘sacred' music. Whether you are Christian, Moslem, Jewish or any other religion, the Sacred Music Festival offers a cultural tour of music that is beyond one religion and is truly music to the ears of all. The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival will take place from September 9-12, 2014.

2 July, 20142 July, 2014 0 comments Events Events

When you combine ancient medicines, miracles and faith - you get a fascinating remedy in the form of the new exhibition now on display at the Tower of DavidL Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis. With a view of Jerusalem through the lens of medicine and faith, the exhibit curated by Dr. Nirit Shalev-Khalifa, takes a look at the constant human struggle of a healthy life through the unique context of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The exhibit begins thousands of years ago - from the time of King David and King Hezekiah and continues up to the modern history of Hadassah and Shaare Zedek hospitals. Medicine in Jerusalem has always been a sequence of apostasy, sickness and epidemic intersected by an overriding story of healing, miracles and faith. This extensive exhibition draws inspiration from stories and medical cases, from doctors and pharmacies in the Old City and the new city, and from the many exhibits that are being shown to the public for the first time. The exhibition looks at the partnerships and contradictions found in the space between miracles and medicine.

Starting up in the Phasael Tower, and passing through the herb garden in the citadel's courtyard, and ending in the Crusader Hall, "Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis" recounts the uses and types of cures that have survived from Biblical times and reports on how sickness and plague have changed the fate of history. It shows how the holiness and stat

25 May, 201425 May, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Pope Francis invited both Israeli president Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to his Vatican home to pray together for peace.  The surprise invitation came after the recitation of the Regina Coeli following the celebration of Mass in Manger Square, Bethlehem, on Sunday morning. Given the fact that the pilgrimage has been promoted as one strictly of a spiritual nature, the invitation came as a surprise. Both leaders quickly accepted the invitation which is expected to take place before Peres steps down from his position later this summer.

After the mass in Bethlehem, the Pope flew by helicopter to Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport where many religious leaders and other dignataries awaited his arrival. President Shimon Peres welcomed Pope Francis to Israel in person this afternoon and recited the following welcome address:

"Your Holiness Pope Francis,


On behalf of the Jewish people and in the name of all the people of Israel, I welcome you with the age old words from the Book of Psalms: "Welcome in the name of the Lord."

25 May, 201425 May, 2014 0 comments Events Events


Pope Frances arrives to Bethlehem today for the start of a two day visit to the Palestinian Territories and Israel in a pilgrimage entitled "Peace, Faith, Tolerance". The Pope is making this historic visit accompanied by his very close friend, Abraham Skorka, former director of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires, and Sheik Omar Abboud, a former secretary-general of the Islamic Center of Argentina. Both figures are involved in inter-religious dialogue.


Highlights of the visit include a mass in Bethlehem on Sunday as well as a meeting and prayer service with Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew who is based in Lebanon. It is the fi

11 March, 201411 March, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Spring in Israel is always an exciting and beautiful time to travel in the country as well as in the neighboring Palestinian Territories. With so many holidays over the next three months, including Purim, Easter, Passover, Independence Day, and Shavout (to name a few of the big ones), there are many exciting activities that will be occuring in the Holy Land.

Below is Travelujah's recommended listing of a few of our favorite fabulous events occuring in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories over the next few months:



2 March, 20142 March, 2014 0 comments Events Events

The expression  "Breaking bread,"  goes back to the bible and connotes the act of sharing a meal with someone and the subsequent bonding that comes with that. This is the concept behind a new tourism initiative founded by CEO of Travelujah, Elisa Moed and Managing Director of Samara Tourist & Travel, Christina Samara. Elisa, an Israeli Jewand Christina, a Palestinina Christian met four years ago on a holy land tourism marketing committee spearheaded by the Office fo Quartet Rep Tony Blair.

Breaking Bread Journeys, a Palestinian-Israeli experiential tourism joint-venture headquartered in Jerusalem, is based on the concept that sharing food while traveling can create deep connections and a better understanding of diverse cultures.


Image: Elisa Moed and Christina Samara Courtesy Breaking Bread Journeys Breaking Bread Journeys was created by Elisa Moed, left, and Christina Samara.


The co-founders spoke to Tanya Mohn at NBC News  and the full article can be read at the link below.


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