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29 May, 201129 May, 2011 5 comments Disabled travel Disabled travel

Israel's cobblestone streets, landmark churches, Roman amphitheaters and ancient cisterns may be enticing to many tourists, but can be daunting to someone in a wheelchair.


This prospect, however, did not dissuade Rick Huntress and a group of 17 - five of whom were in wheelchairs - from visiting the Holy Land.


"This is a trip that I had always wanted to do - to actually see where Jesus lived, taught, and gave His life for me," Huntress told Travelujah.


When an accident in the US Air Force Reserves left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair in 1997, Huntress had dismissed the idea of ever traveling to the Holy Land. But two years ago his daughters visited Israel and returned home raving about their experiences.


"They came back with so many wonderful pictures, stories, and blessings that I was more determined than ever to go myself," Huntress recalled.


He contacted Craig Hartman, who organized the trip his daughters took, and expressed an interest in a tour to Israel that would be suitable for him. With Huntress's guidance, Hartman, director of Shalom Ministries, organized a tour paying attention to which sites a wheelchair would or would not be able to do.


After two years of planning, five people in wheelchairs, plus two older men who preferred a slower moving tour, signed up for the t

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