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10 December, 201310 December, 2013 0 comments Books Books

Daily Life in Biblical Times by Dr. Liora Ravid provides a fascinating examination of daily life and practices in biblical times, and does so by providing a witty and interesting picture into many of the most common bible stories and characters. Social, legal and economic conditions are brought to light, and the clan structure of the families, the rule of the elders who headed their families and decided all matters, and the critical need for multiple wives is also explored as is the the concepts of "blood redeemer" and "land redeemer," and more. It shows how the arid landscape of the land of the Bible influenced the lives of the Biblical heroes.

The use of words within the bible are also examined at depth. Biblical authors made intensive use of wordplays and double, even triple entendres.
For example, the name "Jacob" has three different meanings in Hebrew, which play a crucial role in his story. The meaning of the name "Rebecca" is calf, "Leah" means cow, and "Rachel" means ewe. These three women were born at a flourishing milk farm and thus were named after milk-producing animals. In English, these names have no meaning whatsoever. This book dedicates much attention to the writing technique used by the authors of the Bible which was completely lost in the translation.

25 October, 201025 October, 2010 1 comments Books Books

"It allowed them to connect back to a common point," a source close to Rice said. "It was very, very helpful."


Her father, Presbyterian minister Reverend John Wesley Rice Jr., was an assistant dean, and Benzion Netanyahu, a professor of Hebraic studies, shared an interest in religion. One year her family even joined the Netanyahus at their Passover Seder.


Rice wrote about that incident in her new memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family, which she is currently promoting on a book tour. The book, the first of two volumes of an autobiography she will be releasing, focuses on her family and upbringing and ends just as she becomes national security adviser for former president George W. Bush.


The second volume is expected to cover her time in the White House and at Foggy Bottom, where she dealt with the thorny issues of Iraq, Iran and the Middle East peace process.


Her first book does detail some of her earlier experiences in Washington, particularly her time on the National Security Council under president George H.W. Bush, when she served as a Soviet adviser.


She speaks warmly of her former boss, then national security adviser Brent Scowcroft, whom she "adored," and his deputy, Robert Gates, who would go on to serve as defense secretary while she headed the State Department.


"I was drawn to Robert M. Gates, the deputy nat

16 September, 200916 September, 2009 0 comments Books Books

Tourists to the Holy Land walk right past one of the most important sites in Christian history without realizing its significance.  Noted archaeologist and author Shimon Gibson claims that the place of the trial of Jesus is not near the Antonia fortress, as the route of the Via Dolorosa (the "Way of Suffering") marks, but rather in a completely different part of Jerusalem - now a small, unmarked park near the Jaffa Gate. 


In his newly published book, The Final Days of Jesus: The Archaeological Evidence, Gibson claims that the starting point of the Via Dolorosa, which has been walked for centuries, is incorrect and reflects "a tradition with no historical basis whatsover."


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