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29 May, 201029 May, 2010 0 comments Bike Bike

Jesus may never have ridden a bicycle, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider using one to see His country. One of the great things about Israel is that because it is a small, sunny country bicycles are a great way to see the place - they avoid the traffic jams on the roads and they also give you a chance to see parts of the country you won't see on a bus tour. A few highlights:

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv is ideally suited for bicycle enthusiasts. Besides boasting a large number of bike paths and scenic boulevards, there is ample bicycle parking throughout the city. Be sure to take your bike down to the old Jaffa port where you can experience a taste of what the land of Israel was like when Jesus lived. Here, you'll see the shuk, which has existed for hundreds of years and you can visit some of the churches there, such as the Church of St. Peter, The Lebanese Marronic church and of course the famous House of Simon the Tanner (where the miracle of the unclean foods was performed). You should also be sure to check out the grave of St. Tabitha, who was brought back from the dead by St. Peter.

Be sure that wherever you leave your bike in Tel Aviv it is ver

3 January, 20103 January, 2010 0 comments Bike Bike


The most powerful stories of the Bible are those of journeys. Abraham finding Mt. Moriah, Moses crossing the desert and Jesus traveling to speak the word of God are just a few well known examples. In many cases, the journey is no less important than the destination itself, a concept that is slowly being forgotten in our day and age. Traveling by bike can take us back to those days where our personal journey was part of the pilgrimage. By biking in the Holy Land we better understand many of the geographical challenges that were part of biblical times. Cycling also allows us to be part of the land rather than to 

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