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5 June, 20115 June, 2011 0 comments Art Art

Robert Altman once said what film lovers already know, that filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.   Israel is too far away, and certainly too expensive for most of us to visit. Luckily, the new crop of Israeli films such as Strangers No More - winner of the Best Documentary Short Subject in 2011, and recent  Academy Award nominations for Ajami (2010), Waltz With Bashir (2009) and Beaufort (2008) in the Best Foreign Language Film category and Precious Life

(2011) nominated for Best Documentary Feature can provide a glimpse into life in Israel.


Israeli film doesn't have a long and glamorous history, like Italian or French films.    In the years leading up to Israel's independence in 1948 and in the early years of statehood that followed, most films centered on the ideals of Zionism, heroism and the importance of settling the land. 


The 1970's saw a huge boom in the Israeli film industry.  Movies of all kinds, art films, action films, dramas, and musicals were wildly popular.  Television was state-run and broadcast only one channel (in black & white) and so Israelis turned to the lo

5 April, 20095 April, 2009 0 comments Art Art


While interesting art collections are found all over the world, the only international collection of navie artists in the world is found in Tel Aviv, at the GINA  (Gallery of International Naive Art). Naive art is characterized by a refreshing innocence and the charming use of bright colors, child-like perspective and idiosyncratic scale.  It portrays simple, easily-understandable and often idealized scenes of everyday life.  The naive artist -- often self taught - treats us to a uniquely literal, yet extremely personal and coherent, vision of the world that was, is or should be..

Each artist draws its subjects from the world around him, his memories of childhood or a vision of an idyllic future.  Many of the artists were raised on the Bible and the stories told to children which is why Bible-themes are so prevalent amongst the work.

The collection presents artists from around the world and therefore, while South America and Brazil learn the same Bible stories as  artists of Spain, France or Croatia, each theme iwhile universal is uniquely presented influenced by the culture of its originatin

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