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23 June, 201523 June, 2015 0 comments Peace Peace

A few ago we organized a tour focusing on life within the Israeli border communities near the Gaza strip. It was a program Travelujah developed for many incoming tour groups coming from the United States which, in the aftermath of last summer's conflict with Hamas, are increasingly interested in learning more about the southern Israel communities that endured thousands of rockets and mortar attacks not only during the last war but on and off during the last 10 years since the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip left Hamas in charge. What was unusual about this tour, wasn't so much the sites but the fact that was unusual about this tour was that the tour was for locals, most of whom only traveled 60 kilometers from their homes in Raanana, Israel, a small community about 15 minutes north of Tel Aviv.

Billed as "Life on the Front Line" our tour educator, Yaakov, led the group on an in depth program focusing on the history of the southern region and its changing borders in context to the reality of life on the ground since the country's independence in 1948. Our day was to include a personal tour of a new museum documenting Israel's withddrawl from the Gaza strip, a look at how a unique community of families moved to Sderot in order to economically and emotionally strengthen the city, as well as a visit to Israel's most southern agricultural community (a mosh

10 March, 201510 March, 2015 0 comments Events Events

Tourist arrivals to Israel and the Palestinian Territories has declined significantly since the spring of 2014, nevertheless the Holy Land continues to be an extremely safe travel destinations with an abundance of fascinating historical and religious sites as well as offering diverse cultural experiences. With the holidays of Easter and Passover right around the corner, numerous festivities and experiences will be occurring and there is no better time than now to start planning what to do during the upcoming holidays. 


Below you'll find Travelujah's top 10 ideas for Passover and Easter experiences you can only have on a Holy land tour.


1. Join the Palm Sunday and/or Good Friday Processions

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6 January, 20156 January, 2015 0 comments Tourism Tourism

What only a few months ago looked like a banner year in Israel tourism, has taken a sharp downward turn as the country continues to experience significant declines in international tourism arrivals. The first six months of 2014 were exceptionally strong for tourism, as the numbers of tourists visiting Israel increased over 18% from the peak levels achieved in 2013. However, the start of the war with Gaza, which lasted almost two months, and the subsequent disturbances in Jerusalem as well as the region, have continued to have a very negative impact on tourism to Israel.  The 18% gains in tourism were wiped out by the significant decrease of tourist arrivals during the second half of the year and as a result, 2014 is expected to end with a 3.3% decrease in tourists or around 3.3 million people.


Historically wars in Israel have always promped tourists to cancel

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5 January, 20155 January, 2015 0 comments Geography Geography

With snow predicted to fall in Jerusalem on Wednesday, it may very well be a white Christmas for Orthodox Christians. Much of the world might be enjoying after Christmas sales but in the Holy Land, two more Christmas holidays are yet to come. The Holy Land is surely unique and celebrating Christmas three times Dec. 25 (Catholics and Protestants), Jan. 6 (Orthodox) and Jan. 19 (Armenian Orthodox only in Jerusalem and Bethlehem) -more than in any other place in the world.


Two calendars - Three holidays


Due to calendar differences most Orthodox Churches including the Greek Orthodox, Ethiopian, Russian Orthodox, Coptic and Syrian celebrate nativity on January 6 and 7, which is the date known as Old Christmas Day because this is the date that the first Christian emper

16 December, 201416 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Planning a Christmas visit to the Holy Land and wondering what special Christmas festivities are taking place? Travelujah has compiled our guide of ‘to do'  special Christmas activities taking place in the city where it all began, Bethlehem.



December 19  - Jadayeel Group France, Bethlehem and Sweden at Dar Ad Nadwa

16 December, 201416 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events
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12 December, 201412 December, 2014 1 comments Food & Drinks Food & Drinks

Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity may be the city's most visited tourist attraction, but there is no doubt that the  narrow stone streets of Bethlehem’s historic centre offers the tastiest attractions in this historic town renowned as the birthplace of Jesus. Beginning at the edge of Bethlehem's central Manger Square, begins a trail of  stores and vendors, where you can also get a taste of the regions unique culture.

Ka’ak Bakery

Start your day with a traditional breakfast at Abu Fuad’s Bakery located next to the King David Wells at the entrance of the Star Street. Try a ka’ak,  a ring-shaped, slightly sweet bread sprinkled gene

7 December, 20147 December, 2014 0 comments Geography Geography


Imagine spending Christmas where it all began, in the city renowned worldwide as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem. Imagine still, celebrating mass in the one of the oldest churches in the world, the Church of the Nativity, situated in the heart of the ancient city of Bethlehem, on Manger Square.


Now is your chance.


church of the nativity



The highly coveted

7 December, 20147 December, 2014 0 comments Events Events

Advent is derived from the Latin word "advenio" meaning ‘ coming to' and refers to the fact that Jesus Christ is on his way to this world.


The actual term "Advent" was introduced as the name of  the first season in the church calendar in the 7th Century A.D. and begins four Sundays before Christmas. Advent is important for Christians because it serves as a preparation period leading up to the birth of Christ which took place in Bethlehem as well as a reminder that they are anxiously looking forward to the return of Jesus one day. Should you take a Holy Land tour during the Advent or Christmas period, visiting the ancient city of Bethlehem is definitely a must during this holy time.


3 December, 20143 December, 2014 0 comments Jewish Holidays Jewish Holidays

I have often been asked if there is one book that will help Christians understand Judaism and the Jewish people. To Be A Jew: A Guide To Jewish Observance In Contemporary Life by Hayim H. Donin; Understanding Judaism: A Basic Guide To Jewish Faith, History And Practice by Mordechi Katz,; Understanding Judaism: The Basics of Deed and Creed and even The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism both authored by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, are all great books on understanding the Jewish religion. However, I believe the best work to date has always been the Jewish prayer book known as the Siddur.


Lex orandi, lex credendi - what we pray is what we believe. Comprised of a collection of biblical texts along with personal prayers of rabbis that have been adopted into the corporate body of Israel, the Siddur is a masterful tapestry of prayers that are grouped into categories of thanksgiving, praise and petition. Those prayers inform our lives from morning until night.  Upon waking from the slumbers of sleep in the morning, we immediately acknowledge God's returning of the soul back to consciousness with, I thank You, living and eternal King for giving me back my soul in mercy. Great is Your faithfulness (Note: The English translation of the Siddur was taken from the Koren

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