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March 16, 2011March 16, 2011  0 comments  Disabled Travel

After leaving Joppa, we went northward to Caesarea Maritima, or Caesarea By The Sea.  A most beautiful name for a beautiful place.  Caesarea was built by Herod The Great sometime between 22-10BC.  Herod built Caesarea as his provincial capital. He wanted to have a sea port harbor as grand as Egypt's, so we were standing in a city that was built from nothing in order to satisfy Herod's ego. The walls seen were built in the crusader time period, but exacavation has uncovered actual tiled floors from Herod's time.


Caesarea has been turned into a beautiful park now that for the most part is very wheelchair accessible. There were some bumps and holes along the way of course as would be expected for something that is 2000 years old. But with help from the rest of our group we were able to see everything.


Caesarea    Caesarea Hippodrome  Caesarea Theater  Caesarea Theater


Caesarea is the place where Philip the evangelist went, Peter went here to see Cornelius after his vision in Joppa, Paul and Silas landed here on their second missionary journey, and this is where Paul was imprisoned for two years before giving his defense to Festus. Seeing the Hippodrome made me think of the movie Ben Hur. There were even people in the Hippodrome running foot races for the fun of it. Being in the theater where Paul defended himself to Festus was amazing. The architecture is such that the accoustics would have been amazing and still are to this day. This theater is used even now for modern performances.

After we left Caesarea, we drove a very short distance to the remains of a Roman aquaduct. This aquaduct was used to bring fresh water into Ceasarea from Mt. Carmel region some 20 miles north. If not for war damage, the aquaduct would still be able to carry water to this day, a standing monument to the Roman power of building.


Roman Aquaduct


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Being disabled does not mean that life is over. As a t-8 complete paraplegic I want to encourage all people with a disability to get out and live life!


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