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11 September, 201111 September, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Qumran.  When we planned the trip to Israel, Qumran was one of the sites that I was most excited to see. What an amazing testimony to God for the accuracy and preservation of His Word this place holds.


The Judean desert terrain that we were now in was such a drastic change from northern Israel. Two very different worlds in such a short distance. Most people probably think of a desert like the Sahara Desert with nothing but miles of sand dunes. We were in the middle of nothing but mountains and valleys of pure rock and gravel. The only vegetation that we could see was scrub brush scattered around and that was scarce.


As we left Jerusalem and drove toward Qumran, we also saw an interesting sight on the hillsides. The hills around us looked like they had layers that circled up the sides. Our guide told us that these were actually very narrow paths that the Bedouin shepherds used in moving their flocks around the rough terrain. We even saw some shepherds with their herds scaling the sides of these

10 August, 201110 August, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Heading South.  Today we continued our way south driving down the Jordan Valley. The Jordan River has its starting point at the most southern tip of the Sea of Galilee. Here the Jordan River is widest and most beautiful. Israel has this portion of the Jordan available for anyone wishing to be baptized. The further south we drove the landscape began a drastic change. The hills of Jordan on the eastern side and the hills of Samaria on the western side form a valley for the Jordan River that continued to get deeper as we drove towards the Dead Sea.


The terrain became more and more arid as we drove into the Judean desert. A main point of interest on this drive is the Wadi Qelt. Passing through the Wadi Qelt is the main road that travelers use going from Jericho to "go up to Jerusalem." This is the dangerous road that is the setting of the Good Samaritan parable. The Wadi Qelt is also the most likely area where David hid from Absolom. Our bus driver brought us to an amazing lookout over the entire area. Our guides decided that the usual lookout would not work very well for people in wheelc

1 July, 20111 July, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Beit Shean.  Today we visited the "house of ease."  This is one of the largest and best preserved Roman ruins.  We got to see the largest theater in Israel, a hippodrome, well preserved streets, Roman baths, and mosaics. Even though in wheelchairs, we were able to access many parts of the main area. When you arrive here you get to see a scale model of what Beit Shean would have looked like in New Testament times. The excavation area itself is amazing to see and realize how much earth had to be removed to uncover the ancient city.


There were gravel paths that led from the main area down a fairly steep incline to the city. We went to a location on the side of the theater where we were able to see the entire layout as well as it being a good location to hear our guide describe the area to us.


We also went into the Roman baths on constructed steel walkways that allowed us access through the bath area to see how the Romans constructed them and heated them. As well as our guide filling us in there were also large diagr

15 June, 201115 June, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel

Mount Of Beatitudes.  This was a beautiful serene place to visit that is very close to Capernaum.  It has a magnificent Franciscan Chapel here surrounded by peaceful gardens with a lovely view over the Sea of Galilee. This is the most likely site where Jesus would have preached the Sermon on the Mount found in Mathew 5-7.



The Chapel itself has a large dome with stained glass windows that record the eight Beatitudes. The area here is level with small gardens and paths to stroll/roll through. Pastor Baughman gave a devotional here over the Beatitudes that gave us a perspective of how blessed we are regardless of personal circumstances.



This was a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the location, and meditate on God's grace in our lives.


30 May, 201130 May, 2011 6 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel



Luke 4 

"And came down to Capernaum, a city of Galilee,

14 May, 201114 May, 2011 3 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Tel Dan.  After we left our boat tour on the Sea of Galilee we headed for Tel Dan. Because of being in wheelchairs, we were only able to do the nature preserve portion of this area. This was a beautiful area surrounding the start of the Dan River. The trails through here were flat and mostly boardwalk which made it very easy for wheelchairs. You could hear the rushing waters and we were surrounded by beautiful trees and serenity.


This area is the most northern part of Israel, where the tribe of Dan lived during Old Testament times. The peacefulness of the area we were in was in stark contrast to the ancient city of Dan which we were not able to go to because of being in wheelchairs. The Dannites set up idolatrous worship in the city, and later Jereboam set up a golden calf there as well.


The Dan River is one of the three sources of water that creates the Jordan River. This area is also known as Seven Springs. The springs are salt water and are prevented from mixing with the fresh waters of the Sea of Galilee since this is where Israel gets most of i

17 April, 201117 April, 2011 2 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Sea of Galilee. I ended my last post with our group touring the "Jesus Boat" museum at Nof Ginnosaur. Because the rain had turned into a light mist at this point, we decided to walk/roll a short distance to our next stop for a Sea of Galilee boat ride. From the museum we crossed over to a downhill paved sidewalk that brought us to the boat launch. All of us were very eager to get out onto the Sea of Galilee...until we saw how it had to be done. YIKES! At this point, going up and down two flights of stairs at Mt. Carmel looked very easy compared to what I was now looking at. Once again, this would not have been remotely possible if not for Dr. Hartman planning everything many months in advance. The boat he arranged for us was large with the boat deck itself free of any structures or obstacles. The challenge would be getting five wheelchairs onto the boat. But Dr. Hartman had that all arranged as well. Our group was expected and four men ran from the boat to our group all ready to push, pull, lift, and do whatever it would take to make it happen. The rainy weather also created another challenge for us, making our way to the boat very slippery.

Now let me attempt to explain how this was done. Some of the obstacles here will make sense to others in wheelchairs, but may not seem very difficult to able-bodied ind

2 April, 20112 April, 2011 5 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Nof Ginnosaur. After leaving Mt. Carmel, we drove to where we would be spending the next three nights; at Kibbutz Ginnosaur.


Let me interject something here about Dr. Craig Hartman. I cannot even start to tell you how much time and effort he put into making this trip happen. He had been in the planning stages of this entire trip for about a year and half. I worked closely with him, attempting to let him know how much extra would be needed to accomplish this for people with disabilities.


A trip with able-bodied people can hit a few speed bumps and everything will still turn out fine. In our case, however, there could be no miscalculation of anything. Dr. Hartman knew every detail about every sight, hotel accommodations, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, roll-in showers, and the list goes on. And every sight that we went to, he had numerous helpers waiting for, specifically, a group of disabled individuals that would need extra effort so that the group could enjoy everything.


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25 March, 201125 March, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel


Mt. Carmel. What an amazing stop this was! Let me also say that for people in wheelchairs, this was also one of our most challenging stops. But we met the challenge head on with much huffing and puffing from our able bodied helpers.  J


So let's start with where the bus dropped us off. Our bus driver was great as always and brought us right to the entrance of the park area. The parking lot was fine but the rest of it was a little on the "rough" side. By rough I mean the design of the paving stones. They were not flat but very rough, jagged, and with large cracks between all the stones. The front wheels on my wheelchair were constantly getting caught. So I would pop a wheelie, and move ahead about 6 inches. Then pop another wheelie and so on. It was also up hill from the parking lot to the building which did not help. All of our friends and family with us were busy helping. Since I have use of my upper body, I was making it fine, just slow progress. Wendy and my daughters, always attentive, were not far away but helping out with the others.

16 March, 201116 March, 2011 0 comments Disabled Travel Disabled Travel

After leaving Joppa, we went northward to Caesarea Maritima, or Caesarea By The Sea.  A most beautiful name for a beautiful place.  Caesarea was built by Herod The Great sometime between 22-10BC.  Herod built Caesarea as his provincial capital. He wanted to have a sea port harbor as grand as Egypt's, so we were standing in a city that was built from nothing in order to satisfy Herod's ego. The walls seen were built in the crusader time period, but exacavation has uncovered actual tiled floors from Herod's time.


Caesarea has been turned into a beautiful park now that for the most part is very wheelchair accessible. There were some bumps and holes along the way of course as would be expected for something that is 2000 years old. But with help from the rest of our group we were able to see everything.


Caesarea    Caesarea Hippodrome  Caesarea Theater  Caesarea Theater


Caesarea is the place where Philip the evangelist went, Peter went here to see Cornelius after his vision in Joppa, Paul and Silas landed here on their second missionary journey, and this is where Paul

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