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16 November, 201216 November, 2012 2 comments safety safety

This is my first post for Travelujah, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Princella Smith.


I'm a 29 year-old from Wynne, AR and I've spent some time in Washington, DC and in Arkansas as a political operative on Capitol Hill working for  organizations such as Newt Gingrich's former group, American Solutions. I'm also a writer marketer for the English edition of Israel Hayom Newspaper in Tel Aviv as well as an Ambassador for Save a Child's Heart in Holon, Israel.


This past year, I was an English teacher in Hunan, China, and I am now a graduate student at the Lauder School of Government in the Interdisciplinary Center University system in Herzliya, Israel. It'll be fun sharing my experiences with Travelujah readers. I do hope that you enjoy my posts as well.


The question I am most asked by friends and family at home is whether or not I feel safe here in Israel.


Soldier on Bus

Soldier on the bus in Israel; Courtesy: Princella Smith for Travelujah-Holy Land Tours


This is a picture of a typical daily ride on the bus for me. Take a look at the Israeli soldier's lap. Pretty much anywhere you go, you see them strapped with these. Out i

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My blog is about everyday life in Israel.


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