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27 December, 201227 December, 2012 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Growing up in Arkansas created a lot of fun memories for me-particularly around the holidays.

For Christmas, my brothers and I would always sit up and watch old Christmas movies. One of our favorites to sit back and laugh at was The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen. There are SO many funny elements to that movie that weren't even meant to be funny.
We'd stay up and eat junk food and just be silly.  Usually, there was a family dinner with my grandparents, parents, and occasionally some cousins. For Thanksgiving, we usually always had more people over, but for Christmas, it was often just parents and grandparents, and it was always a special time. Don't even get me started on the food! There's nothing like a southern-cooked family meal.

We loved giving and receiving gifts, but those weren't the most important things. The most important things were spending time with family and showing them that we loved them as well as doing some form of a devotional.

The devotional was usually my dad standing in the living room reading the story of Jesus' birth and also providing a spiritual word. My dad is a minister, so even when he is just "providing a word", it still sort of seemed like a sermon.

I wasn't able to be home for Christmas in Arkansas because I am in Israel studying for a counter-terrorism degree. My other two brothers are away from Arkansas as well, but thank God for Skype! What did we do before e-mail, Skype

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