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Kibbutz Tze'elim is located in the western Negev desert and is a lovely green oasis.


There are beautiful hot springs for relaxing as well as guest accommodations on the kibbutz. Some IsraelExperts groups spend a night or two in the guest houses, enjoying the true feeling of the desert.


The kibbutz is a farming kibbutz, focusing on root plants to overcome the trials of the arid weather. The main crops are peanuts and potatoes.


Founded in 1947 by French Moroccans and Eastern Europeans, the kibbutz was named for a grove of acacia trees nearby. These trees were mistaken for the biblical tze'elim trees.


IsraelExperts and Israel Pilgrim Tours President Joe Perlov lived on Kibbutz Tze'elim from 1971 until 1986. He worked in the barn and agricultural fields, and taught civics and English at the regional high school.


Not far from the kibbutz is Wadi Habsor, one of the largest dry riverbeds in the country. Today there is a hanging bridge that crosses the river bed. If you are lucky, you might see one of the spectacular desert flash floods that occur every few years. The water rushes down from the Judean Mountains surrounding Hebron and Jerusalem. The force of the water is so strong that, during the wet season, everything in the path is washed away. 


It is therefore no surprise that the Romans, the Nabateans and t

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