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31 August, 200931 August, 2009 0 comments Travel: The Independence Hall Travel: The Independence Hall


The finale - The Independence Hall

‘Birth of Israel' was my heart's requisite as I prepared for Sukkoth 08. This was my first feast visit. I had a plan to put in place that had to synch with ‘the plan' of my heart, for the time.  How was I to know of the arrangements and the fulfillment of the preparation I was led into? Determined to follow the ‘call', I set to a surfing-search and reached the International Christian Zionist Centre. I identified well with the Director, Jan Willem Van der Hoeven and had witnessed his teaching on the prophetic messages on Israel, the Promised Land, during the 2006 IRI summit.

The itinerary for the Feast at ICZC did say that the Valley of Hinnom would be a venue. On reading this, the familiar ‘Valley of the dead dry bones' (Ezekiel 37) flashed instantly within and impulsively, the decision was made! Yet, this was just half-way into the plan. I carried on with the quest, digging into tour plans and historical sites of Israel, till the Independence Hall of the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, singled out. With that included and my restless heart at rest, my Sukkot '08 walk-the-talk plan was now ready.

The whole program with its extended tour was enriched with meaning - archeology came alive (Isaiah 29:4); scriptures spoke, sang and dance

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I have visited and traveled the Holy Land, no better description, for pilgrimage, a tour and even for a Bible feast and have yet not had enough. It is so true when people say, 'The Bible comes alive' - every stone talks here!
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