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12 February, 201312 February, 2013 0 comments Health: Harp healing Health: Harp healing

My favourite song - Jerusalem of Gold, a land of promise.

When I listen to this song, it brings back memories of my visits to the place and all the people I met, alleys walked, places visited, bus rides.... Can hear this song over and over...



12 February, 201312 February, 2013 0 comments My findings - music, et al.. My findings - music, et al..

Chaim Clorfene Talks About his Book "The Messianic Temple"






2 January, 20122 January, 2012 0 comments Travel: Rachel's Tomb Travel: Rachel's Tomb

Standing on fulfilled prophecy part I and now waiting for part 2 - The watchtower - Rachel's tomb

Dear Travelujah:

Today is January 02nd, 2012 or 07 Tevet 5772, with 3 more days to the 10 Tevet. Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel - רחל קבר) was the last visit on the tour agenda on 04th November 2011. As I look back to write, these dots seem to connect - I like connecting dots - especially when the masterpiece forms bit by bit with the Tanakh as a witness!

This was the 09th of November 2011 - It seemed as uncanny as the bus rode down the road with Security fences on either side. The guide's voice announced, ‘We are on our way to Rachel tomb', seemed on level with another question that toyed in my head, ‘Why the security to a religious and historic site?' The answer was the Guide's next sentence, ‘We are at the border of Bethlehem and there is Security here. The fences that you see on either side are that the site has been surrounded by a barrier to separate it from Bethlehem.'

Geographically, this site is located between

28 December, 201128 December, 2011 1 comments Travel: Walking the Old City Ramparts Travel: Walking the Old City Ramparts

Let's walk the Old City Ramparts..

Walk about Zion, go round about her,
number her towers, consider well her ramparts,
go through her citadels;that you may tell the next generation that this is God,

our God for ever and ever.
He will be our guide for ever.(Psalm 48:12-14)


.. and see where King David's soldiers stood and what they saw from their vantage points', is what we - Pat, Gabriele, Shalin and I - wanted to do following the ‘water-walking' experience at the Hezekiah's tunnel, all immersed, even in our own memories.


We walked up and down the road from the City of David to the Jaffa Gates and got our tickets. It was a tiny Entrance fee. There seemed to be just a handful of visitors at the time with our little group of four. Adventurous and prepared, were we, all with walking shoes and some water - there was this guide tip

‘Lets walk the Mikvah in the city of the King' - City of David and Hezekiah's tunnel

Walking in tunnels are exhilarating story reads and with a flashlight in hand, it feels like a Discovery or National Geographic. City of David and the Hezekiah's tunnel became a physical as well as a non-physical reality, for reasons, I learnt eventually.

Then again, the reason had a season. And this was during my fourth visit to Israel. Past three visits, I have walked past the City of David admiring its entrance and even taking photographs with the golden harp, but never ventured within. This time with the group I was with had Ir David in the itinerary. Being the last day of the Sukkoth holiday and there was also a planned prophetic Wedding Feast to attend on return to the hotel.

King David has been one of my heroes and his war strategies have never ceased to amaze me, beginning with knocking down Goliath. And now, here we were in the King's city considered to have been the original Jerusalem. According to our guide the story is as old as 3,000 years ago, when King David left the city of Hebron for a small hilltop city known as Jerusalem, establishing it as the unified capital of the tribes of Israel.

Our visit began at the observation point overlooking Jerusalem. As I stood there overlooking the excavated site, I felt

31 August, 200931 August, 2009 0 comments Travel: The Independence Hall Travel: The Independence Hall


The finale - The Independence Hall

‘Birth of Israel' was my heart's requisite as I prepared for Sukkoth 08. This was my first feast visit. I had a plan to put in place that had to synch with ‘the plan' of my heart, for the time.  How was I to know of the arrangements and the fulfillment of the preparation I was led into? Determined to follow the ‘call', I set to a surfing-search and reached the International Christian Zionist Centre. I identified well with the Director, Jan Willem Van der Hoeven and had witnessed his teaching on the prophetic messages on Israel, the Promised Land, during the 2006 IRI summit.

The itinerary for the Feast at ICZC did say that the Valley of Hinnom would be a venue. On reading this, the familiar ‘Valley of the dead dry bones' (Ezekiel 37) flashed instantly within and impulsively, the decision was made! Yet, this was just half-way into the plan. I carried on with the quest, digging into tour plans and historical sites of Israel, till the Independence Hall of the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, singled out. With that included and my restless heart at rest, my Sukkot '08 walk-the-talk plan was now ready.

The whole program with its extended tour was enriched with meaning - archeology came alive (Isaiah 29:4); scriptures spoke, sang and dance

6 August, 20096 August, 2009 0 comments Health: Harp healing Health: Harp healing

                                                          Harp healing...
About 3,000 years ago there lived a young shepherd boy called David in Bethlehem, who would be summoned quickly, many times in the middle of the night to the chambers of ailing King Saul to play his harp. The king would be afflicted with nightmares, anger fits and all general malaise that was disturbing to his mind and affected his physical health, too. When the harp was played, he felt better and ‘would become refreshed and well and the distressing spirit would depart form him.' These words may seem potent with a similarity known to many of our days. And it is a reality worth reckoning.

People in those days may not have had the scientific knowledge of today, but they were aware of something ever so profound that did happen to people when the harp was played. So they found the best harpist is the land to bring before their ailing king to ease his suffering and bring in the moments of peace and well being.

3,000 years later, today, medical research, studies and testing are proving the healing effects of t

Nazareth Village - Step into the life Jesus knew! : Return to the Past

Many people travel to Israel with an expectation to experience the Scriptures come alive - to feel the real sense of being in the Bible land. For many, it is a lifetime dream, while for some, a personal pilgrimage. There is always something new and interesting to share, especially the luxury of living in the past. True, Israel is a modern country with all the contemporary amenities, yet deep within each, one sees glimpses of the Biblical era in the terrain, desert areas and vegetation during the drive from place to place and so there is rarely any disappointment. Bible stories come alive, simply at the mention of places.
The name Nazareth stirs evocative pictures in the mind and the illustrated Bible stories come alive imaginatively - Shepherds tending flocks, a donkey with some fresh bread on its back, activity in a village with its residents going about their daily chores, stone dwellings, children on the street, young women at the village well having tête-à-tête and guards at the watch tower keeping watch.
Nazareth is one of the 'must-see' places in every visit-Israel itinerary. It is a bustling city with a population of approximately 70,000 people. For nearly 2,000 years hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have found their way to the setting that

4 August, 20094 August, 2009 0 comments Travel: Shiloh - Biblical heartland Travel: Shiloh - Biblical heartland

Shiloh - just as you read it... In the Biblical heartland

Shiloh is so full of history - the kind I have poured hours over - reading and mail-exchange with David Rubin, today former mayor of Shiloh and author of, God, Israel and Shiloh. So much so, I sensed a need to be there and experience the walk up to the place where the Ark of the Covenant once rested for 369 years; stand in the synagogue where childless Hannah gave birth to her son Samuel who became the great Prophet of Israel; just be there where hero Joshua divided the land among the ten tribes; even a meeting ground for future love stories...

And this came to be when I made my visit to Israel last October. The world calls the place, West Bank. I still prefer it the way it was, Biblical Samaria. It is an hour's drive from Jerusalem. The winding roads we drove through from Jerusalem, I later learned was the famed Route 60 (today, 'slightly re-routed and re-paved', according to David) - the Road of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and also one that many would avoid today as it continues to be in the news for shooting attacks, including causalities. As we passed a road between 2 looming mountains that led through Bethel, our guide Yaron's voice boomed in the quiet of the bus, 'This is called the Eye of the Thieves'.

I remember the pulsing of nerves and the blood rush into my head and bre

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I have visited and traveled the Holy Land, no better description, for pilgrimage, a tour and even for a Bible feast and have yet not had enough. It is so true when people say, 'The Bible comes alive' - every stone talks here!
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