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15 August, 201015 August, 2010 3 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I had originally wrote a long blog and somehow lost it all...so as short as possible I will sum it up like this LOL:

1. Do your research- all media is spun to what they want you to perceive and know. IN the classroom, teachers will tell you what they want you to know.  As a universal rule of thumb- stop being lazy and do your research so you can be informed.

Israel is where it's at! Entrepreneurs need to continue to invest there, and startup companies there.  I had the chance to drive an electric battery car at The Better Place car dealership. Revolutionary!!! Our new technology is being transformed and developed in Israel! Warrren Buffett and Bill Gates themselves have their hand in Israel...so that should tell you something!  Genesi 12:3- those that Bless Israel will be blessed.

2. The best place in the World! Sea of Galilee (peaceful peaceful peaceful); Jerusalem (classic and beautiful...just AWE-mazing!) Tel Aviv- well what happens in Tel Aviv stays in Tel Aviv lol...our New York or Las Vegas! Negev- innovative communities being developed to live in the dessert (really nice homes too!) Megiddo, Damascus, Lebanon Border, Gaza - beautiful landscaping and view of the land of Israel and neighboring countries....where the action is taking place. So much more- the experience is mindboggling!

3.BEACHES- FOOD-CULTURES-SHOPPING-FUN- there is never a dull moment in Israel!!!  There is always something to do or somewhere to go. People to meet, and

9 August, 20109 August, 2010 3 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I LOVE IT HERE!!! I have had the most amazing peace while traveling in Israel.  It's already been one week and I honestly can WRITE A BOOK on this week alone..and we still have one more week to go! I feel as though I belong here. Ive met so many amazing people here in the country, in the hotel, other people from other countries, and of course the group of Students/Leaders that I am with are AWESOME!


Hahaha- God has surely kept me in his hands and has taken ME on quite a few adventures (not by choice) but to prove to me that He is taking care of his daughter!  Man if you only knew....if you only knew.. .


I will share these experiences with you at a later time and for sure they will blow your mind. But I will leave you with some fun instances such as bargaining at the Market in the Old City and getting some very valuable items for almost nothing (too much fun!!!) Oh yea I got left at the hotel one day, and prayed and God gave me favor with another tour group from Germany and Luxemburg and they were headed to the same destination as my group- Masada (the Desert!!!!! and hour or more away from our hotel). I get there and found that my group made it there 30 mins ago, and to make a long story short, I made it up the mountain, asked the Holy Spirit to lead me to my group, and in 15 mins (in the Desert, on a mountain full of lots of tourists groups mind you), I saw one my friends Umbrellas and was reunited!  As my grou

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3 August, 20103 August, 2010 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
“In 1 year you will go to Israel and it will be paid for.” Really? Did I just hear this? Israel- the country outside of the US that I will travel to first? Since a little child it’s always been in my heart to travel, yet I have always been waiting on the right timing…and then I here “in 1 year” during my worship time. Indeed, that statement alone was one that only God could work out, so I said, “Well Lord, this is what You said, so I will hold You to Your Word, for You to get it done!” And so I did hold fast to that Word, spoke it, and prayed and declared it continually… So here I am today…a year later... going on a two-week trip to Israel…fully paid…a true testimony to how God followed through with His Word. It’s funny how when we map out our own plans, God will surprise us and go behind our back and put things in place and in order. You see, I was in the process of applying for a different trip to Israel, when I received a phone call from CUFI to attend their trip. Thus, all there is for me to say is that I serve an amazing and awesome God! I'm truly humbled by this trip. Since Sunday morning nothing but tears have been streaming and Monday throughout the day, I've just felt this overwhelming sensation in which words can't describe. I'm not one to cry unless \'m having an encounter in worship or God begins to confirm something. So I am truly curious as to what my tears mean or are leading too. I truly am making myself available to Him and to tak
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