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24 September, 201324 September, 2013 0 comments Christian History Christian History

Christ Church

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In Part 1 of this article, I explained how, as a licensed tour guide in Israel, I see Jerusalem's Old City as a living museum of Christian History. There are so many churches built by so many different denominations, many of which are less known even to religious Christians, that by exploring them one can actually take a walk through the development of Christianity itself.


We explored St. Mark's Syriac Church as an example of a Non-Chalcedonian Church and then we looked at the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. Today we will look at Protestantism and Catholicism, but even those who are familiar with one or either of these may still be surprised by the specifics.


Christ Church


Probably the most famous split in Christendom occurred in the 16th Century – the Protestant

12 September, 201312 September, 2013 0 comments Christian History Christian History

St. Mark's

Jerusalem is well known as a holy city with many significant sites for members of many religions. But as a licensed tour guide here, I am endlessly fascinated by the less well known places to visit. Everyone knows Jerusalem as the location of the final days of Jesus' life, and of some of his miracles as well. But there are actually so many churches packed into the square kilometer within the walls of the Old City, that I see Jerusalem as a living museum of Christian history!



Of course, the churches of the better known denominations are on many tourist itineraries. But there are also churches that belong to lesser known sects, even to many Christians. By visiting them in a short walk, one can trace the development of Christianity in general, and the various historic splits that have taken place in particular.


St. Mark's Church


There have been three major splits throughout Christian history, creating four main branches.

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