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29 May, 201229 May, 2012 0 comments Footloose in Tel Aviv Footloose in Tel Aviv

Not that long ago there was an old and decrepit theatre complex built around a large ugly parking lot. Today a handsome open plaza gleams in the sunlight while on its western side a striking new building has risen to house Habima, the iconic theatre. On its northern perimeter scaffolding promises that another icon, the Mann Auditorium, will soon be revamped to enhance the scene.

Welcome to Habima Square. Veteran architect Dani Karavan, who is best known for his environmental sculptures, has turned straw into gold.

At first sight you might think the plaza is rather too open, too empty. But then you walk in and you see the reflecting pool that gives an ever-changing picture as the breeze ripples its surface and you hear the gentle flow of water as it cascades over the sides into a hidden reservoir beneath. From here it will return in a never-ending cycle.

Along with its own intrinsic beauty as it reflects the world around, the pool has the advantage of being very shallow so that it does not require a safety fence around it. Children and adults can come close to enjoy the sound of the water as it pours off the side of the pool. So pool meets square and square meets pool.

A row of jacaranda trees, sigalon in Hebrew from the wo

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