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2 January, 20132 January, 2013 0 comments Western Wall Western Wall

A person’s first trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem is an unforgettable thing. In order to get to the wall, one must wind through alleys and alleys of shops filled with trinkets, wares, and treats. Shopkeepers watch the corridors like hawks, doing all they can think of to lure tourists into their spaces. The walk from Damascus Gate to the Wailing Wall is an experience in and of itself, but once one has passed through the actual entrance to the plaza where the wall stands, it is an all-encompassing feeling of awe. The bustle and energy of the people giving way to some sort of electricity is an actual current in the air. Descending down the stairs to the main square, one’s eyes see not just the crowds, and the square, but as a backdrop to the wall one sees the minaret lit up in green, a glorious symbol of Islam.



Approaching the walkway from the plaza towards the wall one encounters stone sinks with several spigots and plastic watering containers. The point of this is to cleanse onself before approaching the wall. For me, this is when the experience really began.  


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