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There used to be, and perhaps still is, an American Jewish stand-up comic named Jackie Mason. He is probably in his nineties if he is still alive; but in his younger days performing in New York, at Catskills resorts, in Las Vegas, and on American network television, he was famous for making people upset. He upset TV show host Ed Sullivan, for example, by thumbing his nose at him in front of a live national TV audience one night in 1962. Ed responded to this lapse in judgment by throwing Jackie off his popular TV show and keeping him off all of network television for more than 10 years. Jackie upset Frank Sinatra by making jokes at a Las Vegas nightclub about the latter's short but tempestuous marriage to actress Mia Farrow, who was thirty years younger than Sinatra. Frank expressed his displeasure at Jackie's intemperate repartee by sending three goons to Jackie's dressing room, who in turn beat Jackie to a pulp. But most of all, Jackie Mason upset the Jews. For while other Jewish comedians of his generation-and even those of the generation before-had long ago abandoned Yiddish, Jewish mannerisms and Borscht Belt shtick, Mason, born Yacov Moshe Maza and the scion of four generations of Orthodox Rabbis, literally flaunted his Jewishness and made it the driving force of his act.  In a thick Lower East Side of New

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            Carl Hoffman grew up in Boston and was educated in New York and Philadelphia.  He has worked as a university lecturer in the United States, an anthropologist in Indonesia, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines; followed by a series


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