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2 February, 20092 February, 2009 0 comments Archaeology Archaeology

Apollonia, also known as Tel Arshuf



Silently overlooking the Mediterranean, a mere 15 km. north of bustling Tel Aviv, stand the Apollonia ruins of an ancient city. The broken fragments of centuries-old walls seem to hang almost desperately to the tops of fossilized sandstone cliffs in what is now an empty, windblown stretch of the coast in Herzliya. Known as Apollonia, the name it acquired early in its history by the ancient Greeks, this lonely spot perched high above the pounding ocean waves is little known and seldom visited. The place is nonetheless a national treasure. Archaeological excavations, revealing the remains of more than 1,800 years of continuous occupation, were begun by Tel Aviv University in 1996; a national archaeological park was established by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in 2002.


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            Carl Hoffman grew up in Boston and was educated in New York and Philadelphia.  He has worked as a university lecturer in the United States, an anthropologist in Indonesia, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines; followed by a series


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