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19 June, 201219 June, 2012 0 comments Sebastiya Sebastiya

During the recent spring, we organized a group of tourists and locals from Bethlehem to tour  Sebastiya, a village in northern Samaria which is home to incredible ancient ruins from the Bronze age to the time of Herod the Great.  Sebaste was built by the King Herod in 25 B.C. on the site of ancient Samaria, the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in the 9th & 8th century B.C.

The settlements on the hill were built several times, but the first one is dated to the Bronze Age and the rule of ancient King of Israel Omri, (885-874 B.C.), who bought the hill from Shamer and moved there his capital calling it Samaria, after the name of the previous owner.


Hellenistic Tower Sebastiya Travelujah

Hellenistic Tower

Later, the place was also occupied by the Greeks, Romans, Islamic Cultures, Crusader and many different rules leaving behind them great buildings and treasures.

It took approximately two hours to drive to Sebastiya from Bethlehem.  While  waiting for our local guide, we

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