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a holiday in eilat

22 February, 200922 February, 2009 0 comments Aholiday in Eilat Aholiday in Eilat


I just love our summer holiday in "Agamim"  Hotel in the southern city Eilat!!!Cool

The hotel was build to create a relax different holiday village, with a huge swimming pool, kids day care and good food.

It is so nice when pre booking a room with a deck, meaning that you can jump in the water from your room balcony located in the ground floor. (Don't recommend standard room)

As a mother of 1, I enjoy the privacy giving by this option, love the idea that u can leave your belongings on the balcony while swimming, instead of taking all to the pool area.

I love Eilat, I think it is a wonderful holiday location for families, as there are many things to do...

A day in the sea aquarium is a great fun as well as an underwater learning experience,

The dolphin rife is a magical green spot of happiness for kids and adults- just the same, with a flat lagoon to swim in, dolphin to see in their natural life, great sand to play with, art area - used with recycle materials only that kids like, and a fast food like restaurant with great cocktails!

The "kings city" is another day out for kids,

The "Imax cinema"

"Timna Park" for an astonishing view,

 Also- in each one of the city hotels, you can find a tourist information desk with so many one day trips- and more, to national parks in the area.

Good restaurants everywhere (must go to "La Cuchina", located under the royal beach hotel, is an Italian gourmet style).

And even though it is only February- I just can't wait for July, to have a great Israeli holiday in "Agamim" Hotel, Eilat.


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