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Why I love the Holy Land

7 February, 20097 February, 2009 4 comments Thoughts on the Holy Land Thoughts on the Holy Land

I have been to the Holy Land twice and am looking forward to a return trip sometime in the future - the near future, I hope.  I love the Sea of Galilee and the whole area surrounding it.  I feel as though I am HOME when there.  I feel that the Presence of Jesus is still felt in the Holy Land today. 

The village of Capernaum is captivating!  The home of Peter's mother-in-law can still be seen today.  There is a church built above the home, where our group was blessed to celebrate mass in 2008.  From that point, you can walk a few hundred yards to the Sea of Galilee.  How many times did Jesus walk that same path? 

In the near future, I will post something I wrote upon my return from my first trip to this sacred land.


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    Carolyn, this is very inspiring; thank you for sharing. I'm curious to know if there are any specific sites in the Galilee that you recommend and which hotels or guesthouses you might have stayed at.

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