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Valentine's Day in Tel Aviv

15 February, 200915 February, 2009 0 comments Tel Aviv Tel Aviv

Yesterday (Valentine's Day) was a gorgeous day in Tel Aviv - about 80F, beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine.  We took advantage to walk in Tel Aviv, and had a great time.  This was unofficially the first day of spring - even though spring hasn't come yet.  Lots of other Israelis and tourists were out of doors, especially as last week we had a couple of days of rain.

After driving down past the throngs who filled Hayarkon Park - with its vast green areas and playgrounds, lake, bird sanctuary, bike paths and sports fields - we parked about mid-way down the "tayelet" or promenade along the beach.  From there we walked south, all the way down to Jaffa, passing playgrounds, lots of beachgoers, surfers, "matkot"-players (a very Israeli game involving 2 players with small rackets and a small, hard ball), ice cream vendors, and even a couple of colorful music bands.  The City of Tel Aviv- Jaffa recently invested considerable sums to build this terrific boardwalk/promenade extending from the northern tip of Tel Aviv all the way down to Jaffa (and ultimately even further south) - and Israelis and tourists are putting it to good use.

Jaffa, too, was bustling and full of life.  This is a unique and enjoyable area, and will surely become even more popular when some renovation projects currently under way are completed.  Among the treasures there are a recently-renovated Armenian Church that's several hundred years old, within spitting distance of the pounding surf - a truly amazing location.  The old port of Jaffa, too, is being renovated and will certainly become of the hubs of Tel Aviv life, as has the city's other port, at the northern edge of the city.

From there, we headed back up via the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood, with its quaint streets, coffee shops and homes (we couldn't resist stopping in at one of those excellent coffee shops, Mari, for delicious coffees and salad), and then up near the closed-on-Sabbath market, back to our car.

All in all, a terrific day in Tel Aviv - a great city to walk (and eat) in.


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