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Touring Petra

26 July, 201026 July, 2010 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
My daughter and I took a wonderful overnight excursion from Eilat to Petra in October 2009. We were met at the border by a very knowledgeable and friendly driver, arranged by Travelujah, who helped us through immigration and then drove the two hours to Petra. The vehicle was comfortable and new, and we learned a great deal about Jordan. We also stopped at a terrific store, and picked up some souvenirs, including several very lovely and inexpensive necklaces. The Jordanian landscape was stunning, and the drive went by very quickly. When we arrived at Petra, our driver introduced us to our guide, who led us on a two hour tour of the Petra ruins. Again, we learned so much, and were very taken with the beauty of the place. After the guided portion of our tour, we wandered around Petra and just soaked up the atmosphere. It's a unique and magical place. Later that afternoon, our driver met us at the entrance to Petra and drove us to the Taybet Zamman hotel in a small town near Petra. The hotel had been a stone Bedouin village. It was charming and comfortable, and we relaxed and enjoyed an excellent meal before going to sleep. The following morning, we were met again by our driver, who took us back to the Jordan/Israel border. We were quite sad to leave Jordan and vowed to return. Everyone was so friendly, and we appreciated the chance to get a quick look at a culture about which we previously knew very little. By the way, if you are interested in Petra, Travelujah did a first rate job with all of our arrangements.


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My trip to Petra



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