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Toda Toda Toda!!!

15 August, 201015 August, 2010 3 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I had originally wrote a long blog and somehow lost it all...so as short as possible I will sum it up like this LOL:

1. Do your research- all media is spun to what they want you to perceive and know. IN the classroom, teachers will tell you what they want you to know.  As a universal rule of thumb- stop being lazy and do your research so you can be informed.

Israel is where it's at! Entrepreneurs need to continue to invest there, and startup companies there.  I had the chance to drive an electric battery car at The Better Place car dealership. Revolutionary!!! Our new technology is being transformed and developed in Israel! Warrren Buffett and Bill Gates themselves have their hand in Israel...so that should tell you something!  Genesi 12:3- those that Bless Israel will be blessed.

2. The best place in the World! Sea of Galilee (peaceful peaceful peaceful); Jerusalem (classic and beautiful...just AWE-mazing!) Tel Aviv- well what happens in Tel Aviv stays in Tel Aviv lol...our New York or Las Vegas! Negev- innovative communities being developed to live in the dessert (really nice homes too!) Megiddo, Damascus, Lebanon Border, Gaza - beautiful landscaping and view of the land of Israel and neighboring countries....where the action is taking place. So much more- the experience is mindboggling!

3.BEACHES- FOOD-CULTURES-SHOPPING-FUN- there is never a dull moment in Israel!!!  There is always something to do or somewhere to go. People to meet, and amazing restuarants to fall in love with. Malls Malls and Malls! Families/Children everywhere! One place that is ancient in certain areas, and supe modern in many others!

4. PERFECT!!!! Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Socially!! There are so many opportuinites there for anyone to go live, and work and be innovative!

5. Toda!!! (thank you in hebrew) to all those that supported me through prayer and ecnouraging words.  You spoke nothing but great things over me for this trip and I experienced nothing but GREAT things and people, and experiences! Thank you to Avi (tour guide) and Mo (bus driver) for their awesome personalities!  Toda to Jeremiah, Melody, and John (CUFI) for handling a successful trip to Israel of this Magnitude! and Special Toda to all my friends (the New York Crew, the back of the bus crew! the fun crew, the philosophical/biblical/political crew, my roommates, and the simple-down-to-earth crew!) We were a unique bunch and lifelong friendships and partnerships were surely developed from all over the US!!

6. Pictures are coming soon! Special Shoutouts as well! I'm excited to be home, so I can process all that I experienced.  I would love to answer any of your questions as they come to you....so much transpired that I don't know where to begin.  But please feel free to inquire and I'll respond via blog and hopefully get a chance to share as much as my experience with you as possible!

Toda!!!! (thank you in hebrew)


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